IN Winter


In winter, we are mainly in Kitzbühel for skiing! Although the Kitzbühel Alps are not particularly high, you can still ski very well here. And after all, the Kitzbühel Alps are home to the most dangerous ski race course in the world: the Streif. The Hahnenkamm race takes place here every year in January. A very special experience! But it's also worth coming to Kitzbühel to ski in February or March. Because there are countless slopes. We prefer to drive up to the Fleckalm and start our skiing day from there. We often take the 3S cable car, which takes us up to the ski area in Jochberg. This connection with Jochberg has made the ski area bigger, so you can ski on new slopes all day long. The ski pass also allows you to ski on the Kitzbüheler Horn mountain. However, the snow quickly becomes slushy on the southern slope.

You can find the piste map and all information about the ski area here.


Would you like to have a day off skiing, but still want to experience something? Then head to the Aurach Wildlife Park. Here you can experience deer, roe deer and other wild animals up close. This is because the animals at Aurach Wildlife Park are kept in a free-range enclosure so that you can walk through the animals' enclosure! This means that the wild animals are not locked up like in a zoo, which is better for them and visitors alike. Of course, you can also visit the wild animal park in summer. You can find all the information about the park here.


Otherwise, you can also spend your day in the Aquarena. You'll never get bored in this fun and wellness pool. Not only can you swim your lengths here, but you can also experience the ultimate sliding fun. If you prefer to relax, the Aquarena also has a sauna and wellness area! So you will definitely find the right thing for you!


Skiing is not your thing? Then try something different and hike up the mountains in the snow! Because Kitzbühel doesn't just offer unique hiking opportunities in summer. There are also some beautiful snow hikes in winter, which entice you with an impressive panorama. You can find all winter hiking trails here. Just make sure you have the right equipment and dress warmly!

I have put together a list of all the places on Google Maps.

You can find the list here.