The UNESCO World Heritage Site Geirangerfjord is characterized by untouched nature, imposing mountain peaks and steep rock faces. Especially thundering waterfalls such as the Seven Sisters (De syv søstrene), the Friaren (Friaren) or the Bride's Veil (Brudesløret) attract tourists on a boat trip through the fjord or a hiking tour to the old mountain farms along the fjord.



we will probably never forget our trip to the Geirangerfjord! But not because of the Geirangerfjord itself...

We had taken a short boat trip across the fjord and had just got back into the car. On the way, we thought about stopping again to hike to an inn in the surrounding mountains. However, my knees were aching and we still had a hike ahead of us in Jotunheimen. While we were driving, I suddenly saw that there was a road to the inn. And at the same moment Bene drove past the entrance to it...

So he wanted to turn around and reversed into a meadow. What he didn't see, however, was that the tall grass covered a steep, small slope. As Bene reversed into the meadow, our left front wheel suddenly lifted off the ground. The car was suddenly at such an angle that it threatened to fall over. What to do now?

Impressively, some people stopped and tried to help us, but nothing worked... Suddenly a farmer came by with his tractor. He hooked a tear-proof strap to our car and pulled us out of the pit!!! From then on we were back on the ground with four tires. We could hardly believe it and were incredibly grateful for all the help!

After the shock, we didn't drive back to the inn... Instead, we went to a small gravel parking lot, from where we walked to a stream. There we unpacked our camping stove and made our own lunch. Surrounded by nature, we not only digested our food, but also the scare...

xx Chiara

UNESCO World Heritage Site Geirangerfjord

The Geirangerfjord is known as “the most beautiful fjord in Norway” and yet it didn't blow us away. Don't get me wrong, of course the fjord is beautiful! But other fjords are even more spectacular - especially compared to the Lysefjord. Unfortunately, Geiranger was also very touristy. Nevertheless, we decided to take a short boat tour through the fjord. We passed the waterfalls of the seven sisters (De syv søstrene) and the Friaren (Friaren). We were also able to see a few old mountain farms. All in all, the trip was well worth it!

The boat tour lasted 90 minutes and included an audio guide. We bought the tickets for 40 EUR per person at the tourist office. There is also a cheaper tour, but it only lasts around 70 minutes.

Alternatively, we could have rented a canoe and explored the fjord. That would certainly have been even more fun!

The route to the Geirangerfjord took us along the famous Trollstigen mountain road. The pass leads past steep mountain slopes and impressive waterfalls. Trollstigen is a highlight on the way to Geiranger! If you have a drone, you should definitely stop here and take a few photos. Because the road with its many bends is especially worth seeing from above!

I have put together a list of all the places on Google Maps.

You can find the list here.