Sailing around Sardinia (& Corsica)

Sardinia is known as the Caribbean of Europe due to its bright blue waters. So what better way to explore the island than on the water? Conveniently, Join The Crew offers a number of sailing trips in this dream destination...



I went on another sailing trip with Join The Crew (JTC) this September. I'm already part of the crew, so to speak, haha. A bit of fun. But I enjoy sailing with JTC so much that I'm always happy to join them!

I get to know new areas and, above all, nice people every time! Once again, I got on really well with my crew and the rest of the flotilla. We explored the Sardinia/Corsica sailing area with five boats. So I met a lot of new people. Which is a great advantage of such a flotilla. You will always get on well with someone (or everyone)!

The small disadvantage of a large flotilla is - in my opinion - just a little bit of flexibility. On my previous trips, we were traveling with one or two boats. This allowed us to decide much better where we wanted to sail according to our mood. You can also fit into smaller bays better with fewer boats, whereas with the flotilla we had to head for larger bays to fit all the boats in.

Nevertheless, I had a great time and saw a lot again! You also get to experience more with so many people around you. So it also has its advantages!

xx Chiara

My tip after the trip: If you consider yourself more of a fair-weather sailor, then a trip in mid/late September might already be too cold for you. We usually had 20 to 25 degrees, but the wind sometimes made it feel colder. Unfortunately, this made it too cold for me to sleep on deck. The sea wasn't warm enough for us to swim in for hours either. But at least we were able to swim every day, and it was still warm enough for that! And as soon as we put on warm clothes in the wind and in the evening, everything was fine!

What are you interested in?

I have put together a list of all the places on Google Maps.

You can find the list here.

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