Wadi Rum

Have you always wanted to spend the night in the desert? Then I've got something for you! Because you can spend the night in a classic Bedouin camp in the Jordanian desert of Wadi Rum. Explore the vastness of the desert by jeep during the day and snuggle up in your tent by the fire in the evening or watch the starry sky! No matter what you do - I promise you it will be an unforgettable experience!

Our Highlight in Jordan

After our vacation, we all agreed that the two days in the Wadi Rum desert were the highlight of our trip to Jordan! But at the beginning it was a different story. Because after we arrived in the desert and had just completed an exciting jeep ride to our camp, it started to rain. The first rain of the whole year in the desert! Great, was our run of bad luck going to continue?

It wasn't quite that bad. It was just getting dark anyway and in the desert that means it's getting cold. Because the sand can't store the heat of the day. So we snuggled into the communal tent in front of the warm stove and waited for dinner. Our hosts promised us a typical Bedouin dish. The Bedouin tribes are the desert dwellers of Wadi Rum who still live in the area today. They told us that they have always used the heat of the ground to prepare their food. To do this, they dug holes in the ground to cook their food in a kind of oven. When they pulled it out of the hole in the ground, they called us over so that we could watch the process. It was fascinating to see how they prepared their dinner in the most minimalist way. The meat and vegetables cooked in the ground were then served with rice, bread and hummus. A perfect dinner and a great start to our adventure!

The next day we got up early because we wanted to see the sunrise. The alarm clock rang punctually at 5:30 am. Still wrapped up in our sleeping clothes, we went up to a small rocky outcrop from where we waited for the most beautiful sunrise. Getting up early paid off once again! And the best thing about it: after the exciting morning, we were wide awake. So we were able to start the day straight away.

A day in the desert by jeep! Salem, who looked after us throughout our stay, drove us to the most spectacular attractions in Wadi Rum. And the desert has quite a few of them. It's not without reason that so many films have been shot here: Star Wars, The Martian, Transformers, Lawrence of Arabia and so many more... Wadi Rum is characterized by its mixture of dry red rock and typical red sand. This scenery attracts filmmakers.

Thanks to Salem, we didn't have to plan anything ourselves for our journey of discovery through the desert. Instead, he took us straight to the top attractions! We went from the Lawrence Spring, to the Khazali Canyon, past the Red Dunes, to the Burdah Arch, then to the Um Frouth Arch. And that was just a small part of what we saw. Salem kept telling us a bit about the attractions and adapted the whole day to our interests. He kept asking us what we really wanted to see and gave us good tips. He also let us ride on the roof of the jeep, which was an unforgettable experience! At lunchtime, we stopped at one of the spectacular rock formations, where Salem prepared a delicious lunch for us as a snack. In the evening, we drove to a tourist-free spot to watch the sunset. We were completely alone and were able to experience an incredibly beautiful sunset all to ourselves.

But the exciting day didn't end there. After another delicious dinner, we went out again to watch the stars. Because unlike the lecture, we didn't have a single cloud in the sky that night. And what can I say... Wow! Simply wow! I have never seen such a starry sky in my life. We could see about every star sign that is visible at this point on earth. It was breathtaking.

As you can imagine, we fell into bed dead after the adventure. Nevertheless, we got up early again the next morning to experience the sunrise together once more and bring our fascinating journey into the desert to a close... But the adventure wasn't quite over yet. Bene, Meike, Ercan and I decided to go for a short ride on our host's dromedaries. After making sure that the animals were treated well, we could do it with a clear conscience. The ride felt different to being on a horse. Funnier, somehow.

I was all the sadder when we had to dismount. Because that was the end of our time in Wadi Rum. With all these new impressions, time just flew by... That can only mean one thing: the experience was simply amazing! If there's one thing you should do in Jordan, it's spend a few days in the desert of Wadi Rum!

Must Do's in Wadi Rum

Get up for the sunrise

We have often gotten up to see sunrises. But I have hardly ever seen a more beautiful sunrise than the one in Wadi Rum. So: set an alarm clock!

Enjoy the sunset

The sunset is at least as beautiful as the sunrise. Make sure you find a quiet spot and enjoy the magical moment!

Watch the starry sky

Nirgendwo wirst du einen Sternenhimmel wie in der Wüste finden. Wir waren einfach nur fasziniert! Nutze daher die Nacht und suche den Himmel nach Sternbildern ab!

Where to sleep

The selection of Bedouin camps on is diverse. We were more than satisfied with our Wadi Rum Desert Adventure camp. However, I don't think there will be a huge difference between the camps. There will only be differences, if any, between the basic and luxury camps. However, the simple camp was perfectly adequate for us. We had everything we needed. It was also very informal and traditional, which we liked. The Bedouins were all very nice and the food was good!

By the way: The camp was the cheapest accommodation we booked. It was also one of the best accommodations we had.

Important: It gets really cold at night in the desert. Although you have warm blankets and the tent keeps out some of the cold, you should still pack warm clothes for the night!


We parked our car at the Wadi Rum parking lot. Salem collected us there and took us to the camp by jeep. Everything was organized for us at the camp. We didn't have to worry about food or planning the jeep tour. The Bedouins always paid a lot of attention to our interests. So it was all very relaxed!

A nice time-out

We had no phone reception. So it was automatically social media detox. But we couldn't care less, we were in good company after all. So we simply switched off for two days.

Our little streak of bad luck

We had a really bad run of luck in Jordan... We count the first rain of the year in the desert as one of them. But there was another experience that we could only laugh about. When we started our way back by car, we noticed that something was wrong with the windshield wiper. After a short time, we realized that someone had probably replaced our car's windscreen wiper with their old (broken) windscreen wiper. That couldn't be true! And then on a rental car! Fortunately, windshield wipers are not too expensive and somehow it's a funny story that we can tell at home!