What to see & discover

My Top 3


Cycle along the Nordbahn line

My favorite place in the city is right on my doorstep: the Nordbahntrasse. This is a former inner-city railroad line that was converted into a leisure facility after it was shut down. With a length of around 23 km, it is actually the longest railway line in the world!

A wide footpath, cycle path and inline skating trail runs along the entire route. Untypically for hilly Wuppertal, the route has no significant incline, so you can cycle at a relaxed pace. There are also a number of attractions along the route, such as a fitness trail, a graffiti wall, several pubs, the Wicked Woods skate park, the Bahnhof Blo bouldering hall and much more... So there's plenty to discover on your bike tour!

However, the highlight of the Nordbahntrasse is Utopiastadt at Mirk station. A platform for creative urban development has formed here at the center of the route. For example, the Solar Decathlon Europe 21/22, a university competition for sustainable building and living in the city, was held here in 2022. There is also a bike rental service, food stalls, a vegetable garden, the Talbohne coffee roastery and workshop spaces. In addition, concerts, readings, poetry slams and more take place in the circus tent and the adjacent Café Hutmacher.

Just a stone's throw away, a community park with a natural outdoor pool is currently being built at the old Mirke outdoor pool in the beautiful Mirker Hain forest area. Until the work on the outdoor pool is completed, cultural events such as readings, concerts and comedy events as well as exhibitions by local and nationally renowned artists will take place here.

As you can see, the Nordbahntrasse and Utopiastadt in particular have a lot to offer. Especially in summer, it's one of those places where you simply have to spend your time!

Go for a walk at the Toelleturm

Another place where you will often find me is the Toelleturm with the Vorwerkpark. I spent a lot of time there as a child, as I grew up nearby. So I often went for walks up here or on the adjacent Scharpenacken with my parents. When I was at school, I spent my summer days with friends on the park's large lawn. Today, my favorite place to stop by is Creme Eis, Wuppertal's best ice cream parlor.

The special thing here is that there is what feels like an endless expanse of green. The Vorwerkpark is not only bordered by the Scharpenacken, but also the Murmelbachtal and the Barmer Anlagen. You can also reach the Ronsdorfer Anlagen forest via the Scharpenacken. You could therefore spend days discovering all the paths in the woods and green spaces!

The Barmer Anlagen in particular are very interesting, as you can discover a lot of history there. You can walk along the route of the old mountain railroad and visit a number of monuments. You can also enjoy impressive views over Bergisch Wuppertal time and again. You can find all the information you need about the Barmer facilities on the Barmer Verschönerungsverein website.

The association also maintains the Toelleturm, a viewing tower located on one of the highest points in Wuppertal. From here, you can enjoy a wonderful view over Wuppertal and the surrounding area. However, please note the opening times. The tower is open on Sundays and public holidays from 12 noon to 6 p.m. and on Saturdays from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. from Easter to fall, provided the weather is clear and dry.

If you don't want it to be that green, a visit to the Toelleturm is still worthwhile. The area around the tower is one of the most beautiful districts in Wuppertal with impressive villas. So take a stroll around and dream yourself into one of the villas.

Stroll through the Luisenviertel 

The Luisenviertel is the “old town of Wuppertal”, so to speak, and a visit there is a must! The popular district stretches along Luisenstraße and Friedrich-Ebert-Straße, with Laurentiusplatz and the imposing Laurentiuskirche at its heart.

The Luisenviertel has always been a cool district, but a lot has happened here in recent years. More and more cafés, jewelry stores, boutiques and the like have set up shop there, giving the district its special flair. The best thing about it: you won't find any of the restaurants or stores in any other city. This is because the Luisenviertel is characterized by the fact that no chains or franchises have set up shop here. This means that the restaurants and cafés are all unique and guaranteed to offer delicious food! So you can't go wrong when choosing a place to eat in the district!

However, you should not only visit the Luisenviertel during the day, but also in the evening. During the day, you can store in cute boutiques and second-hand stores and hop from one cool café to the next, while in the evening you can go on a little pub crawl. There's something for every age group. We usually go to the Viertelbar or Zum Köhlerlisel, whereas our parents prefer Café du Congo or Edelrost. However, these are not fixed. We've also spent evenings at Edelrost and vice versa! Besides, places like the Luise Bar & Café are always frequented by all age groups anyway.

Every summer, the Luisenviertel also hosts the Luisenfest. This is a street festival where residents sell their old junk or delicious food.

By the way: if you are ever in the Luisenviertel, you should definitely take a look at the Laurentiuskirche, as it is one of the most beautiful churches in Wuppertal.



Hover over Wuppertal on the suspension railway

There's one thing you simply have to do in Wuppertal: Float over the Wupper on the suspension railroad! It may sound clichéd, but the Wuppertal suspension railroad is THE attraction in Wuppertal for a reason. Although it is not (or no longer) the only suspension railroad in the world, the Wuppertal suspension railroad is unique in its design.

If you are taking the suspension railroad for the first time, then you should take the classic route from one end to the other (Oberbarmen-Vohwinkel or vice versa). This includes a short sightseeing tour along the valley axis. It's best to sit at the back, where you can look out of the large glass wall and observe everything.

For a special experience, you can also take a ride in the Kaiserwagen. This carriage still floats over the rooftops of the city with the original train set of the Wuppertal suspension railroad from 1900! However, the Kaiserwagen has not been used for normal passenger transportation for a long time. Instead, Wuppertal Marketing offers coffee trips with the Kaiserwagen. Take a look here!

Feel the multiculturalism on the Ölberg

The Ölberg is located in Elberfeld, above the Luisenviertel. Almost all of the old buildings that fortunately survived the war in the Nordstadt district are still standing here. In addition, you will gather multicultural impressions on the Ölberg. People from all nations live happily together on the streets and (playgrounds) squares.

You will therefore find a Turkish snack bar next to a French pastry chef, an Italian restaurant, a British pub or a German bakery. There are also a few small shops where you can get your bike repaired or buy sustainable clothing.

Every two years, the “Ölbergfest” takes place on the streets of the Ölberg. In addition to concerts by local artists, good DJs play here. There are also performances by sports groups and local residents sell delicious food. The main hub of the festival is Schusterplatz, where the largest stage is set up.

The best way to get to the Ölberg is by foot via the Tippen-Tappen-Tönchen. This is probably the most famous of the 500 or so public steps in Wuppertal, to which a well-known carnival song has even been dedicated.

Experience urban development at the Arrenberg

Urban development has greatly changed (and improved) the image of Wuppertal in recent years. A significant part of this development has taken place in the residential district of Arrenberg. This is largely due to the association Aufbruch am Arrenberg e.V., which was founded in 2008 by several entrepreneurs active in the neighborhood. Together with the residents, the association aims to make the former “problem district” more liveable and, above all, more climate-friendly. Following the successful conversion of the Villa Media event location to solar energy, the district is to be renovated to make it more energy-efficient. A platform is currently being created in the district for this purpose. In addition, the association wants to grow food in the neighborhood for the neighborhood through the “Arrenberg Farm” project. In the long term, the aim is to achieve 100% climate neutrality in the district.

The Arrenberg quarter already has a lot to offer. Wuppertal's largest co-working space, CODEKS, is located in the old factory halls of the former office supplies company Elba Rado (Elba Hallen). Events such as small trade fairs and flea markets also take place there regularly. You can also have a great lunch in the ROSAS Fabrik cafeteria. In addition to the Elba Hallen, there are several smaller galleries such as Kunstraum Eckart. More and more great restaurants are also opening in Arrenberg! Just take a look around the district and get to know it and its people!

Visit the most beautiful villas in the Briller district

The Briller Viertel is the largest contiguous, Wilhelminian-style villa district in Germany! Here you can marvel at beautiful old, well-kept villas on a walk, more than 245 of which are listed buildings. If you want to find out more about the villas, you can of course take part in a tour of the Briller Viertel organized by Wuppertal Marketing.

However, if you prefer to explore the district on your own, then you absolutely must climb the steep Sadowaberg. At the top - at the so-called Briller Höhe - you can enjoy a unique view over Wuppertal's city center and the green mountains! Afterwards, you should take a stroll across the Kaiserhöhe. This is a beautiful wooded area that is perfect for a walk and is home to several playgrounds and the fairytale Weyerbuschturm tower (also affectionately known as the “Rapunzel Tower”).

Take a walk to the 


The Hardt-Anlage is one of the oldest city parks in Germany in the inner city area of Wuppertal. The park is located on the Hardtberg, which is only a 15-minute walk from Wuppertal's main train station.

Especially in summer, the people of Wuppertal like to relax on the extensive meadows of the Hardt and enjoy the sun. There are even extra barbecue huts that you can book. You can also stroll through the rose garden or visit the botanical garden. You are sure to pass Villa Eller and the beautiful Elisenturm, Wuppertal's oldest (and probably most beautiful) observation tower, which regularly hosts exhibitions and events. The old quarry with the forest stage is also very interesting, where you can often listen to a concert or two in summer.

Just take a stroll through the park and you'll discover a lot. Afterwards, you can sit down at Café Elise, the Orangerie restaurant or the beautiful Hardt-Terrassen beer garden and treat yourself to a little refreshment.

Visit the animals at the zoo & the zoo district

The Wuppertal Green Zoo is one of the most beautiful zoos in Germany! It is therefore definitely worth a visit. The zoo has a great layout due to its hillside location. You'll also find the largest wild animal enclosure in Germany here, where lions and tigers live much more naturally and better than in many other zoos. The penguin enclosure is also cool because you can walk under the animals' pool as they swim past you. However, my favorite part is the elephants, who regularly have cute offspring. The Aralandia free-flight parrot enclosure has also been open since 2021. So, what are you waiting for? Head to the zoo! You can find everything you need to know about it here.

By the way, it's not just the zoo that's worth a visit. The entire area around the zoo with its beautiful villas (known as the zoo district) is also worth a stroll. You should definitely stop by the fairytale fountain on your walk. It's also worth taking a short detour to the stadium at the zoo. Although the stadium is not particularly large, it is worth seeing architecturally. The back wall of the main stand (next to the Berlin Olympic Stadium) is unique in Germany. Just a little further on is the children's and youth farm, where ponies, donkeys, guinea pigs, rabbits, sheep, geese, ducks and chickens give children and young people an understanding of nature and animals.

In addition, the so-called Sambatrasse runs behind the zoo. This is also a former railroad line that has been converted into a hiking and cycling trail. However, the Sambatrasse is much steeper than the Nordbahntrasse. This is because it takes you from the Elberfeld district in the valley to Cronenberg on the mountain. It also has slightly fewer attractions than the Nordbahntrasse. Instead, it runs much more through the forest, the Burgholz, and you can take a look at the zoo's wild animal enclosure, pass the Neuenhof outdoor pool and great restaurants such as Café Podzelny. It is also just a stone's throw from the Sambatrasse to the Bergische Museumsbahnen. These are historic streetcars that run through the forest between Kohlfurth and Cronenberg.

Walk to the Ronsdorf reservoir

As I grew up in the beautiful district Ronsdorf, I spent a lot of my childhood at the Ronsdorf reservoir. This dam with its surrounding forest is a popular recreational area in Wuppertal - both in summer and winter. While you can go on great walks and hikes in summer (e.g. through the Gelpetal), the Ronsdorf reservoir is often a snow paradise in winter. This is because Ronsdorf is one of the highest points in the city, so it is usually cold enough up there in winter for snow and therefore for extensive sledging.

But the Ronsdorf reservoir is not the only beautiful place to get out into the countryside. The adjacent Dorner Weg with its surrounding field paths is also very popular with walkers. The view over the never-ending fields and forests quickly makes you forget the stress of everyday life. I also enjoyed walking in the Heusiepen. The forest paths there are so beautiful. And the aforementioned Gelpetal is also a popular destination. There are some historic buildings along the route, such as the Käshammer, a preserved hammer mill. Haus Zillertal, with its historic half-timbered building, also offers a place to stop for refreshments for walkers and hikers.

Spend an evening at the Rex

The Rex-Filmtheater looks back on a long history. The first movie was shown in the Hotel Salamander (as the Rex was then called) as early as 1889. This makes the Rex (almost) the oldest movie theater in the world. And I always feel like I've been transported back in time at the Rex. Because the cinema has a certain historical charm. That's why an evening at the Rex is a special movie experience for me, something I never have in today's cinema chains.

Another special feature of the Rex is its program. It is always very carefully selected so that you don't just get to see run-of-the-mill films. In addition to the big Hollywood films, there are also smaller European productions or even films by local artists and old classics.

So if you ever have a free evening, the Rex offers you a special experience. From time to time, there are even real theater performances here. So keep your ears open, maybe you'll get to see one!

Enjoy views over Wuppertal

As Wuppertal is so hilly, you can always enjoy magnificent views over the city and its surroundings! In my opinion, the best views are from the Briller Höhe over Elberfeld and the surrounding area and from the Gartensiedlung at Obere Lichtenplatzer Str. 152 over Barmen and the surrounding area. Whether by day or night, the view from both locations is always magnificent!

But you can also enjoy a nice view over Wuppertal from Wuppertal University, which is located above the Grifflenberg. The best view there is actually from the top parking deck of the multi-storey parking lot. However, the most popular place for students and Wuppertal residents is the Flügelhügel. Not only do you have a great view here, but you can always make nice contacts!

For a romantic view in the evening with a bottle of wine, the wall along the street “Schwarzer Weg” is also ideal. Watching the sun set over the city is beautiful from there!

If you turn off Schwarzer Weg onto Königshöher Weg and make your way to the top of Königshöhe, the view is even better! And if you want to take a little walk there, you might discover the Von-der-Heydt-Turm and the former summer house of the Barons von der Heydt.

You can actually get a similarly good view over Wuppertal a little further on from my old school, Schulzentrum Süd. There are extra viewing benches at the television tower!

Discover Burg Castle & the Müngsten Bridge


One of my favorite places (which is not in Wuppertal, but in the Bergisches Land) is Schloss Burg in Solingen. I used to travel with my parents on the S-Bahn across the Müngsten Bridge to Solingen-Schaberg station. From there, we would walk through the forest to the Müngsten Bridge Park, which stretches along the Wupper under the Müngsten Bridge. After spending some time there, we took the Müngsten transporter bridge to the other side of the Wupper. Once there, we walked through a beautiful forest to Solingen-Burg, from where we took the cable car up to Burg Castle. You can't imagine how much I always loved these trips. Because the whole landscape there is beautiful!

And there's so much more to discover. For example, you can take a walk to the two Diederich stamps or use the play and exercise trail! There is also the option of taking a canoe trip across the Wupper. Either way, you can spend a whole day here! The return journey from Solingen to Wuppertal-Vohwinkel is by trolleybus, the only one of its kind in Germany.

Since 2021 there has been a new highlight: the Brückensteig! This is a via ferrata along the Müngsten Bridge. We were allowed to try it out and it was a cool experience! You can only climb the via ferrata on a guided tour. You meet up with your tour guide at Haus Müngsten, where you receive instructions and your climbing equipment. You will then make your way to the via ferrata together. You will be hooked into the safety system right at the start. And then it's off up to the Müngsten Bridge! As soon as you reach the highest point of the via ferrata, you can enjoy a magnificent view of the surrounding area and listen to a few anecdotes about the bridge. For a little adrenaline rush, you can also balance across a narrow beam! (Don't worry: if you have a slight fear of heights, there is also a wide footbridge as an alternative).

Experience nature in & around Wuppertal

Do you like nature? Wuppertal has a lot to offer (as you may have already noticed). It's not without reason that Wuppertal has been named one of the greenest cities in Germany. But Wuppertal's neighboring towns also have pure nature to offer, including Wülfrath.

Here, on the border with Wuppertal, you will find the Prangenhaus quarry, whose turquoise-blue water will make you forget that you are in Germany. The Dornap lime works, which is (still) located in Wuppertal, also has similarly blue water. You just can't take quite as nice a walk here as you can at the quarry.

On the way back, you can stop off at Lüntenbeck Castle. The castle is also lovingly surrounded by nature. The castle itself is a hive of activity. Artists are at work in their studios or forging gold, people are busy cooking in the restaurant and some are doing something for their health. It's well worth a visit!

Walk around the Beyenburg reservoir

The Beyenburg reservoir is a small reservoir in Wuppertal-Beyenburg that is a popular destination for walkers. The flat paths lead beautifully around the lake. The big highlight, however, is the view below Porta Westfalica of the old half-timbered houses of Beyenburg. It makes you want to stroll through the streets of Beyenburg.

The reservoir is also popular with anglers, canoeists and rowers. There are numerous water sports clubs along the lake that also offer tours for non-members.

Discover something different: Gaskessel

The Gaskessel (engl. "gas boiler) once supplied the town with energy from long-distance gas until it was taken off the energy grid in 1997 due to more modern pipeline technology. Since then, the gas boiler has stood uselessly at the entrance to the city. But in the summer of 2016, Wuppertal-based architecture studio GKM gave the gas boiler a new lease of life by constructing a new building inside.

Today, the Gaskessel is a special building that hosts exhibitions and shows. You can also book a guided tour of the Gaskessel with its Visiodrom and the Skywalk on the roof of the boiler. The gas boiler is also used as an event location and there is a good restaurant and a gym inside the boiler.

Experience art & culture


Wuppertal has a lot to offer for those interested in art and culture! For example, it is known worldwide as the center of the Pina Bausch dance theater. The center of the dance theater, the Schauspielhaus Wuppertal, is currently closed. However, you can watch the performances in the beautiful Wuppertal Opera House. Events by the Wuppertal stages, the symphony orchestra or well-known artists also regularly take place in the Wuppertal Stadthalle, which is well worth seeing. The Stadthalle is known worldwide for its unique acoustics.

If you prefer something a little smaller, you should go to the TIC Theater. Axel Stein even gained his first acting experience here. The Café ADA building has also become a venue for cultural events thanks to the newly founded INSEL/ Kultur im ADA association. Literary readings, concerts, drama and dance performances of all kinds as well as tango and salsa evenings take place here.

Wuppertal also has many interesting museums. The Von der Heydt Museum houses a large number of paintings, sculptures, photos and graphics from a wide variety of eras. There are also regularly changing exhibitions, whose exhibits have already attracted art lovers from all over the world. A visit to the Engels Haus is also a must! Friedrich Engels, who founded Marxism together with Karl Marx, is a son of Wuppertal. His life and work are on display in a permanent exhibition. In the adjacent Museum of Early Industrialization, you can learn more about the early development of industry in Wuppertal, which the Engels family had a significant influence on.

I also recommend a visit to the Waldfrieden Sculpture Park. It is beautifully nestled in the Christbusch forest and features sculptures by the British sculptor Tony Craggs, who lives in Wuppertal. It was he who founded and built the sculpture park on a private initiative. After your visit, during which you can admire the sculptures as well as the anthroposophical Villa Waldfrieden, you should definitely take a seat in the Café Podest!

Swimming through Wuppertal

Do you fancy a little swim? No problem, because you can swim very well in Wuppertal and the surrounding area. Especially in summer, there are numerous outdoor pools and lakes for cool fun. The most popular lakes are the Bever reservoir near Hückeswagen and the Wuppertal reservoir at Kräwinklerbrücke in Remscheid-Lennep.

We also like to go to the Eckbusch outdoor pool, where you can play beach volleyball. I used to go to the Neuenhof outdoor pool after school, the highlight there is the slide. The natural outdoor pool in Mettmann is also very nice.

In bad weather and in winter, however, you should definitely visit the Schwimmoper! Major swimming competitions regularly take place in the listed city pool. This is a great place to swim your laps.

If you want something more varied, then you should head to Remscheid to the H2O. On the one hand, there are cool slides and large swimming pools. On the other hand, you can relax in the saltwater pools and use the sauna. For the real sauna feeling, however, I would rather go to Vabali in Düsseldorf - the best spa in the area!

Going out in Wuppertal

Would you like to go out for an evening in Wuppertal? Then the Luisenviertel is the best place for you. There are numerous pubs and bars here. It's also quite a short walk from here to the Kitchen. The Kitchen Klub is not a special disco (in particular, the music is often a bit trashy), but the evenings there are always fun because half of Wuppertal meets in the Kitchen. The Luisenviertel and the Kitchen are therefore a good place for students to meet people in Wuppertal.

A much better disco is the U-Club. This is Germany's biggest club for reggae, dancehall and hip-hop parties. It is even known abroad for this and is very popular with artists such as Gentleman and Nura. But electro events also take place there regularly. If you're more into techno, then Mauke is the place for you - a small club that's popular in techno circles. Otherwise, we go to the clubs Die Börse or Barmer Bahnhof from time to time, depending on the event. The location of the latter is particularly cool! The club is located in the historic building of the train station of the same name, so everything looks very classy.

If you're in the mood for a pub crawl, you should head to the Luisenviertel or the Ölberg. There are some nice pubs here, such as the Chili Royal. If you like it really rustic, I also recommend the Schlupp in Weststraße. We go here from time to time on 1-EUR-Thursday to have a shock with friends. You'll stink like an ashtray afterwards, but the evenings are always fun!

If we want to go to a bar, we usually go to Herzogstraße. The motto here is: go wherever there's something free (although I like the Pelzhaus the best)! Otherwise, we like to go to the beer garden at Mirker Bahnhof in the summer evenings. It's a bit more relaxed here than in the middle of the city.

Exploring the Wuppertal markets

There are weekly markets in all districts of Wuppertal, offering regional fruit & vegetables, sausage & cheese, bread, flowers and much more. Some markets also have stalls selling fast food such as chips with currywurst, fried fish or Asian noodles.

We usually go to the market on Neumarkt in Elberfeld, as it's only a 10-minute walk from our home. There is a good stall there with Italian antipasti, pesto and the like.

You can find the opening hours of the various markets here.

Stroll through the Nordpark

I hadn't had the Nordpark on my radar for a long time, as it's a bit further away from us - in Wichlinghausen. But then I saw a picture of the so-called Skywalk and really wanted to go there! No sooner said than done. At the time, I didn't know that the Nordpark had much more to offer than just a viewing platform.

Once we arrived at the park, we were greeted by a huge playground and a large wild animal enclosure. You can also enjoy beautiful views on your walks through the park. The traditional Turmterrassen restaurant will soon be open again.

A short trip to the neighbors

I think I've already shown you that Wuppertal has a lot to offer. Another advantage of Wuppertal is its proximity to other German cities! You can be in Düsseldorf, Essen or the rest of the Ruhr region in no time at all. Cologne is also not far away. You can therefore make worthwhile excursions from Wuppertal.

How about a canoe tour on Lake Baldeney in Essen, for example? Or a walk along the Rhine in Düsseldorf? Or an evening at the boathouse in Cologne? Or a trip to the Landschaftspark Nord in Duisburg? There are countless possibilities! So what are you waiting for? Come to Wuppertal (and the surrounding area)!

Hiking in Wuppertal

In Wuppertal, there are many opportunities for walks and hikes thanks to the variety of forests and local recreation areas. But probably the most varied and longest route is the Wuppertal Circular Trail. This 106 km long hiking trail encircles the entire city. It goes from the Beyenburg reservoir via Oberdahl, Spieckern and Frielinghausen to the Herbringhauser reservoir and from there via Hastberg to Ronsdorf to the Ronsdorf reservoir and into the Gelpe. Through the Gelpe you then reach Cronenberg, where the hike leads to the southernmost tip of Wuppertal to Sudberg. The route continues towards Kohlfuhrt and through the Burgholz state forest. There, a forest path leads to Vohwinkel, where you also cross the Wuppertal suspension railroad. You then pass through the Osterholz forest area to Lüntenbeck Castle. The route then takes you to Eckbusch and Dönberg. From there, you reach the Hilgenpütt forest in Spröckhövel before returning to Beyenburg. The route is probably not even possible in one day. However, you can easily walk only parts of the route and get to know Wuppertal in a different way.

The allotment garden paths (K-paths) are also interesting. The K-Ways are hiking trails that lead through Wuppertal's allotment garden sites over a total length of 50 km. Along the way, you will always be treated to beautiful panoramic views of Wuppertal.

Doing a tour through Wuppertal

You don't want to explore Wuppertal on your own? Or would you like a little more information about the buildings and sights along the way? Then simply take part in a tour organized by Wuppertal Marketing! In addition to a city tour in a convertible bus, you can also take part in tours that only take you through individual districts, such as the Zooviertel or the Briller Viertel. There are also varied themed tours! How would you like to walk through the city with a night watchman, for example? Or would you like to go on a pub crawl? Or would you prefer to drink wine on a hike?

Alternatively, you can get in touch with the Wuppertal Greeters. This is a group of freelance city guides from Wuppertal who will introduce you to the city. The guided tour lasts around 2 to 3 hours and you can decide what you want to see. In addition to the highlights of the city, the greeters will be happy to show you insider tips and tell you stories from their personal repertoire. The offer is free of charge, but you can of course make a small donation to the greeters.


I've put together a list of all the places, restaurants, cafés etc. on Google Maps. You can find the list here.

You can also write to me at any time if you have any questions. I'm happy to help! And who knows, I might even have time to give you a private tour of the city...


Of course I can't tell you everything about Wuppertal here. But that's not a bad thing at all. Because there is the Bliggit app in Wuppertal. There you can find information about sights, events, restaurants and much more in your area, as well as Wuppertal news, important information and much more...

Take a look there!