Dana Biosphere Reserve

On our way from Kerak to Petra, we stopped at the Dana Biosphere Reserve. The national park is often referred to as the Yosemite of the Jordan. Dana is characterized by its enormous biodiversity. The reserve is home to over 700 plant species, 190 bird species, 37 mammals and 36 different reptile species.


Dana is very suitable for hiking. The most popular hiking trail is the Dana Trail (16 km, 6 hours). However, we decided against a hike due to time constraints. If you want to hike Dana, it's best to find out about the best options for you at the tourist information office!

 Jam jar reminder

Instead of hiking, we took a look at the reserve from above and met a friendly Jordanian family. We walked along a small path from where the hike through the national park starts and wanted to take a look at the reserve from here. We stopped at the corner of a small house where children came running out. They were excited to see us and fetched their father. He could speak English and talked to us for a while and told us a bit about the region and tourism. His children wanted to take photos with us, so we had a little photo session and then said goodbye to the lovely family to drive on towards Petra...