I've written so many blog posts now, but there's one place I've always left out: My hometown. But Wuppertal has a lot to offer. Contrary to all bad prejudices, Wuppertal is a beautiful and above all interesting city! The city has developed enormously in recent years in particular. And I'm going to show you what's come out of it here...


I have often heard nasty prejudices about my home town of Wuppertal, which I have never understood. Because Wuppertal has a lot to offer. So much, in fact, that most visitors are often surprised by the beauty and diversity of the city! My friends from out of town in particular were always amazed at what there is to discover in Wuppertal and how green the city is.

But I can imagine where the prejudices come from. After all, Wuppertal was once the cradle of industrialization in Germany and an important German city and railroad hub thanks to the booming textile industry. Unfortunately, the city was heavily attacked during the Second World War. As in many places in Germany, the bombed-out city was not rebuilt to its former beauty. Instead, apartment buildings were quickly erected, which did not exactly beautify the cityscape. When the textile industry relocated abroad, the city became increasingly impoverished, so that for years Wuppertal really wasn't the most beautiful city.

But if you look closely, you will find many places where you can see that there was once great prosperity in the city. The city has also changed enormously in recent years. After the renovation of the main train station was announced, private investors in particular invested in many new projects within the city. This has completely transformed Wuppertal over the last 15 years. Today, the city shines in new splendor! So that you can experience it in all its glory, here are my absolute insider tips for Wuppertal!

xx Chiara


What to see & discover

  1. Cycle along the Nordbahn line
  2. Go for a walk on the heights at the Toelleturm
  3. Stroll through the Luisenviertel
  4. Hover over Wuppertal on the suspension railway
  5. Feel the multiculturalism on the Ölberg
  6. Experience urban development at the Arrenberg
  7. Visit the most beautiful villas in the Briller district
  8. Take a walk to the Hardt
  9. Visit the animals at the zoo & the zoo district
  10. Walk to the Ronsdorf reservoir
  11. Spend an evening at the Rex
  12. Enjoy the views over Wuppertal
  13. Discover Burg Castle & the Müngsten Bridge
  14. Experience nature in & around Wuppertal
  15. Walk around the Beyenburg reservoir
  16. Discover something different in the Gaskessel
  17. Experience art & culture
  18. Swimming through Wuppertal
  19. Going out in Wuppertal
  20. Exploring the Wuppertal markets
  21. Stroll through the Nordpark
  22. A short trip to the neighbors
  23. Hiking in Wuppertal
  24. Doing a tour through Wuppertal

Where to eat & drink

There are some good restaurants, cafés and bars in Wuppertal. That's why I've made a list of all my favorite places for you, which you can find here. But first I would like to introduce you to my absolute favorites:

  1. Schimmerlos Deli - Bavarian-inspired organic food. I actually come here for breakfast most days!
  2. Creme Eis (several branches) - My absolute favorite ice cream, which is produced in Wuppertal.
  3. KYTO Coffee - Coffee roastery from Düsseldorf with a flagship café in Wuppertal. Also a good co-working space.
  4. Soulfood Cafe Simonz - Alternative restaurant with seasonal dishes. Always good vegan and vegetarian options.
  5. 79sec - the best Neapolitan pizza in town.
  6. JUCE Breakfast all day - I think the name already tells you what to expect here.
  7. Das Johann's Café - Especially in summer you can sit outside and the tarte flambée is so delicious!
  8. Il Ghiotto Osteria - Delicious Italian food and the best pizza in the valley!
  9. Saiko Sushi Bar & Asian Kitchen - Very good sushi and other delicious Asian dishes.
  10. Grigio - Upscale Italian cuisine at reasonable prices.
  11. Ouzeria Nostos - Delicious Greek tapas.
  12. Mentes Grillorant - Turkish snack bar with homemade lahmacun.

Good to know

As I come from Wuppertal (and love the city), I could talk about Wuppertal for hours. There are so many interesting stories about Wuppertal, e.g. the one where the little elephant Tuffi jumped out of the suspension railroad. So I've put together a few more interesting facts about Wuppertal for you.

Where to sleep

Because I always stay at home in Wuppertal, I can't say much about accommodation. However, I would suggest finding accommodation near the city center of Elberfeld. For example, there are some nice Airbnbs on Briller Straße or in Nordstadt (near Mirker Bahnhof or on Ölberg). If you want something quieter, the Zooviertel is also very central but quiet.


My costs in Wuppertal are of course very different from those of a tourist in Wuppertal. I don't pay accommodation costs, but I do pay rent (incidentally, rents in Wuppertal are still comparatively cheap). I eat out less often, but I cook more.

However, I wouldn't describe Wuppertal as an expensive city. The cost of eating and drinking out is cheaper than in other big cities such as Cologne or Düsseldorf. Accommodation costs are also somewhat cheaper.


I've put together a list of all the places, restaurants, cafés etc. on Google Maps. You can find the list here.

You can also write to me at any time if you have any questions. I'm happy to help! And who knows, I might even have time to give you a private tour of the city...


Of course I can't tell you everything about Wuppertal here. But that's not a bad thing at all. Because there is the Bliggit app in Wuppertal. There you can find information about sights, events, restaurants and much more in your area, as well as Wuppertal news, important information and much more...

Take a look there!