Tre Crime di Lavaredo

By our standards, the trip to the Three Peaks was more of a long walk than a hike. Because the path was very relaxed! When we set off for the Three Peaks Hut (Rifugio Antonio Locatelli) in the afternoon, it was raining. Nevertheless, we set off because, according to our rain radar, the rain clouds shouldn't last long and we were hoping to encounter fewer people. In fact, we were right. More people met us on the hike than had started with us. Although there were still a few hikers on the way, the number of people at the Dreizinnenhütte was manageable.

We spent our entire afternoon in the surroundings of the Dreizinnenhütte and enjoyed the peace and quiet. We particularly liked the small caves behind the Dreizinnenhütte, from where you have a magnificent view of the Three Peaks. I had already seen some photos of the caves on Instagram and thought they weren't that easy to reach. But that wasn't the case! We could already see them from the Dreizinnenhütte. After 5 minutes we were in the first cave. So you won't miss the caves either!


We started the hike to the Dreizinnenhütte (“Rifugio Antonio Locatelli”) from the Auronzo hut via trail 101. From there, the hike is actually a walk: 4.2 km and 215 meters in altitude. However, we had to pay a toll to get to the Auronzo hut. If you want to save yourself this money, you can also set off on a real hike and start from Lago d'Antorno. The hike is then just under 4 km and 400 meters in altitude longer.

Of course, there are countless other hiking options in the Three Peaks region. There are also good climbing opportunities. You can find more information here.