01 Sarakiniko

The main reason I wanted to go to Milos was Sarakiniko! I saw so many pictures of this beautiful beach that I just had to go! And what can I say: I was not disappointed! Sarakiniko really is SO beautiful! We went there at sunrise and were simply blown away by the beauty of the rocky landscape.

It's no wonder that slowly but surely more and more tourists are coming to Milos. The landscape of Sarakiniko, which is reminiscent of the moon, is simply mesmerizing. The beach itself is rather small and there is a lot of traffic due to all the onlookers. I would therefore not necessarily recommend the beach (although it is beautiful) for relaxed sunbathing. Instead, come here at sunrise or sunset and enjoy the atmosphere!

02 Papafragas

Another special beach is Papafragas Cave. It is lovingly surrounded by high rock faces, so that the open sea can only be reached through a small passage between the rocks. A special panorama is therefore pre-programmed when swimming here!

If you have some time, it's also worth going snorkeling. In addition to one or two fish, you might discover a few traces of the pirate era on the rock faces!

What's more, you shouldn't (just) come here for the beach, but above all for the view. Both the view from the beach and the view of the beach from above are breathtakingly beautiful.

03 Kleftiko

Kleftiko is not necessarily a destination for a normal day at the beach. Because you can only reach the “beach” by boat. In fact, you can get there by car. However, the roads are located in the snake nature reserve and are not allowed to be driven on. So you have to go by boat! That's not bad either, is it? I mean, as soon as the boat has anchored, you hop straight into the water, what could be better?

Kleftiko itself is known for its gigantic rocky landscape and ultra-clear water. That's why we first unpacked our snorkels and looked at the many different fish and dived through the rocks. So beautiful!

Incidentally, our boat tour was the cheapest we could find (30 EUR with Delfinia Boat Tours from Kipos). The trip takes about 4 hours. There are also full day tours, but these are significantly more expensive (around 100 EUR). It just wasn't worth it for us. The only pity was that we couldn't see the Sykia cave (the cheapest trip there was already fully booked).

04 Tsigrado

If you want to visit Tsigrado beach, you must not be afraid of heights and you should enjoy climbing. You can only reach the beach via a narrow path in the rocks and two steep steps. So it's a real adventure to get there. An adventure that we were happy to embark on! We were rewarded in the end. The beach has so much charm, the water was so clear and we were able to go snorkeling. It only gets very crowded on the beach around midday and there isn't much space. However, right next door is Fyriplaka beach, which offers much more space, so you can easily change beaches (provided you can get back up the stairs).

05 Firopotamos

We had the clearest water at Firopotamos. It was just so beautiful! We didn't actually lie on the beach itself. Instead, we went there with our Greek friend because there are great opportunities to jump into the water in front of the church. He really wanted to show us. And it was indeed a lot of fun to jump into the sparkling blue water with a view of the most beautiful panorama! Afterwards, we walked around a bit and enjoyed the view from the beach to the cute little fishing village of Firopotamos. It's worth coming here for this view alone!

06 Fyriplaka

Fyriplaka is right next to Tsigrado and is therefore a great place to go if it gets too crowded there. Either way, you should have seen both beaches. Fyriplaka is also very beautiful. The beach is particularly suitable for swimming, but it is also a little crowded (but there is always enough space!). The rock in the water is particularly cool, as you can walk through a small slit in the stone.

07 Alogomántra

Alogomántra is a very cool beach that is obviously particularly popular with the Greeks. We didn't see many international tourists there. However, the highlight is the “field hockey beach” right next door. It is located underneath a dome of rock, which creates a very special sight! You can also jump into the water from the rocks, which is great fun!

08 Lagada Beach

Directly in front of our hotel was Lagada Beach, a small but beautiful beach. The best thing about it: it was always very empty! The beach doesn't offer anything special, but we still really liked it. And I'm sure you won't find Lagada Beach in any travel guide. You'll never encounter large crowds here and can simply relax!

I have put together a list of all the places on Google Maps.

You can find the list here.