Sailing around Mallorca

What we did & see

Before I tell you all about what we discovered and did, I'd like to make one thing clear: Every sailing trip is different. The sailing route is not only adapted to the interests of the people sailing with us, but also to the weather. So I can't promise you that your sailing trip will be exactly like mine. The following tips are therefore intended more as an insight and impression.

Hiked Cabrera

My personal highlight of the trip was the visit to the island of Cabrera. The island and the surrounding marine area are a nature reserve. That's why Cabrera is hardly built on and offers the most beautiful nature! We discovered this on a short hike to the view of the Cabrera lighthouse. Due to the heat, a sports program was directly included, but it was absolutely worth it. When we arrived at the view, we even had the company of cute, curious lizards. On the way back from our hike, we stopped at one of the few “buildings” on the island: Es Castell Castle. From there, we were able to watch a beautiful sunset! The next day, we also made a detour to the Blue Grotto, which - as the name suggests - is characterized by its bright blue water. Simply gorgeous!

If you also want to visit Cabrera, you have to plan it in advance! As Cabrera is a nature reserve, you cannot anchor there. Instead, there are buoys where you can moor. However, these must be reserved online in advance. As the buoys are usually fully booked 2-3 weeks in advance, you should therefore discuss with your crew whether and when you want to go to Cabrera. You can reserve the buoys here.

Celebrated beach & boat parties

As Mallorca is known for its parties, we couldn't miss them either! True to the motto “A little party never killed nobody”, we usually started with a small drink during the day, while we all started dancing in the evening. As we were traveling with two boats of 11 people each, our parties weren't even that small. We simply met up with the crew of the other boat on the beach or invited them onto our boat. I had a lot of fun every night! And even though it was always a wet and happy time, I never had a hangover the next day and still felt refreshed. It couldn't have gone any better!

But the evenings were also great for those who aren't so keen on partying. After all, it's always nice to enjoy the sunset with good conversation - isn't it?

How party-packed your week will be certainly also depends on your crew. My crew was already super hyped before the trip, so I was still wondering how I was going to survive it. On site, I was the one who was always at the front of the pack. So it's all kind of spontaneous...

Discovered the most beautiful bays

Sailing into the most beautiful bays is definitely part of a sailing trip! And Mallorca has countless beautiful bays. Unfortunately, we were unlucky in that many bays were often already occupied, so we couldn't anchor. Nevertheless, we were at least able to explore the bays while sailing.

However, our favorite place - which we visited twice - was a beach and not a bay. Es Trenc is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe and is often referred to as the Caribbean of Spain, and rightly so. The water is simply so brilliantly turquoise blue that you are even dazzled. We also never had any problems anchoring here, as Es Trenc is the longest natural beach in Mallorca and therefore has enough space for everyone!

Shore excursions made with the crew

I always love shore excursions as I like to discover the places I'm in. On Mallorca, however, we did relatively few shore excursions as we had such a good time on board that we weren't really in explorer mode.

Nevertheless, we did visit a few places. First, we briefly visited Palma, the capital of Mallorca. While many people think of the Ballermann when they think of Palma, the old town of Palma with its large cathedral is actually very charming! The small harbor town of Porto Colom was also cute. However, it is a quieter place. So if you're looking for a bar in the evening, Cala d'Or is probably a better bet.

Spent all day in the water

We may not have been land lovers, but we were water rats. Because we spent hours in the water! Luckily, we had rented a SUP beforehand, so we were not only able to go on relaxed excursions on the SUP, but also surf after the sailing boat on the SUP.

I can definitely recommend booking a SUP in addition! It's a small price for the number of people (we paid EUR 10 per person), but in my opinion it gives you great added value! For example, I love paddling towards the sunrise on a SUP. The peace and quiet is incomparable. It's best to talk to your crew and ask your skipper if he can organize a SUP for you.

Had fun with the crew

I know that might sound cheesy, but... The best thing about the Mallorca trip was the crew! I arrived with Ercan, we didn't know the rest of the crew beforehand. Only a few of them knew each other on the boat. In other words, we didn't know beforehand how well we would fit together, even though we spent a lot of time together in such close quarters. That can make you wonder whether it will work out. But I can tell you: all worries are unfounded!

Although we all had very different personalities, we got on really well straight away. After just one week, it felt like we'd been friends for ages, which made it all the more difficult to say goodbye... But we are still in contact and are already thinking about booking our next sailing trip together. JTC brings people together!

The fact that we all got on so well is also the reason why we didn't do so much overall. Because we just spent time with ourselves, without being on our cell phones and stressing about seeing anything special. That helped me enormously to forget the stress of everyday life and just switch off! Plus: I really worked out my salmon muscles again.

To have even more time with the crew, we even extended our vacation...

I have put together a list of all the places on Google Maps.

You can find the list here.