Lago di Braies (Lake Braies)

I've already seen countless pictures of Lake Braies on Instagram and they were all beautiful. So I really wanted to pay the lake a visit. But as the saying goes: anticipation is the greatest joy... Don't get me wrong! Lake Braies is beautiful; very beautiful indeed! However, due to its popularity, the lake is overrun with tourists. So after experiencing an almost deserted Lake Sorapis, Lake Braies was a little disappointing - even though we were lucky with the crowds at Lake Braies! What's more, a lot of the local area is geared towards tourism. For example, the boat rental is exorbitantly expensive (EUR 19 for a 30-minute trip). We were therefore a little disappointed with our visit to Lake Braies.

But that doesn't mean that the lake isn't worth a visit! Because the lake is beautiful nonetheless! You should just try to visit outside the tourist season - either very early or very late. When we wanted to go to the lake for the first time, the first parking lot was already full at just before ten (despite the rainy weather). We therefore postponed our trip and returned at sunset. As a result, the parking lot right by the lake was empty and there were no more buses, so there were relatively few tourists there.


You can easily reach Lake Braies by car via Ferrara Schmieden. There is a large parking lot right by the lake. However, this is usually full by ten o'clock in the morning (or earlier). The road to Lake Braies is therefore closed at around 10 am. There is another parking lot for those who arrive later. However, you have to walk about an hour to the lake from there.

Alternatively, you can also take the bus. You can find out about the departure times here. You can also book the bus there.