Amman & Jerash

The capital of Jordan is a vibrant metropolis. It is only in Amman that we really get to know Jordanian culture. But before we head to Amman, we make a stop in the ancient city of Jerash! Here we feel transported back to Roman times.


The vibrant capital of Jordan

It is only in Amman that we really get to know Jordanian culture. Amman is completely different to Aqaba. Our diving instructor Sam had already told us that the south of Jordan is much more modern and liberal than the north. But only now can we see exactly what she means. Most of life takes place on Amman's streets. At prayer times, the loudspeakers of the mosques can be heard throughout the city. And one historic site follows the next. The whole city exuded a strange but really interesting atmosphere!

The most formative memory for me is the following: On our first evening in Amman, we took a cab to the city center to watch the sunset from the Citadel. The cab ride was an experience in itself. The traffic in Amman is chaotic, with drivers honking their horns everywhere and pushing their way through the crowded streets. When we arrived at the Citadel, the prayers were just starting. The whole city was filled with melodic singing as we watched the sun set over the city. It was a wonderful atmosphere, unlike anywhere else in Europe. It's worth coming to Amman for this experience alone!


Welcome to the Romans

The city of Jerash is located around 50 km north of Amman. One of the best-preserved cities of late antiquity in the Middle East is located there in the Gerasa district. The archaeological site is lined with large squares, several colonnaded streets and gates as well as two magnificent temples and theaters, some remains of churches and other buildings. Jerash is therefore well worth a visit. What is particularly exciting is that the city is characterized by both Roman and Greek buildings. This is because the Greek people originally settled in the city until the Romans conquered the area. This has given Jerash an impressive structure. It is well worth a visit! The entrance fee is 10 JOD. However, entry is free with the JordanPass.

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Where to eat

We had probably the best meal in Jordan at the Sufra restaurant on Rainbow Street in Amman. We ordered mezze there. These are basically Arabic tapas consisting of hummus, fattoush, falafel and much more! In addition to a good restaurant, Sufra has a lovely atmosphere to offer. Sufra is a rather upscale restaurant and very nicely furnished. Nevertheless, we didn't pay too much for the food by European standards. So it's worth coming to Rainbow Street!

Where to sleep

We stayed at The Place Apartments in Amman and were all very satisfied. The accommodation was strikingly modern and clean. It was just outside the city center, in a quiet area. We therefore had to take cabs into the city, but they were very cheap. The facility manager at the accommodation was very nice and gave us some tips for Amman. On the whole, I can therefore recommend the accommodation!

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