What to see & Discover

the Top 6

Sights in Prague

01 Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge is one of the most famous sights in the city, if not the most famous! That's why the bridge is very crowded during the day. Both tourists and locals who want to cross the Vltava. I therefore recommend arriving early. Not only will you experience the fantastic sunrise over the Old Town, but you can also explore the bridge at your leisure.

A little tip: For 3 EUR, you can climb up the Charles Bridge Tower and enjoy the view over the rooftops of the city. You'll escape the crowds on the bridge!

02 Clementinum

The former Jesuit college Klementinum is located in Prague's Old Town. It is home to an impressive library with some important old books and huge globes. If you want to explore the Klementinum from the inside, you have to take a guided tour. But it's worth it! Admission cost us around EUR 8. The highlight of the tour: we climbed the astronomical tower and had an impressive view over the city from here!

03 Prague Castle

Prague Castle is one of Prague's most important landmarks. After all, it is the largest contiguous castle complex in the world! If you're clever, you can visit most of the castle for free: St. Vitus Cathedral actually costs admission. But if you want to save yourself the money, you can see the rough interior of the cathedral as soon as you enter the vestibule. In addition, admission to the “Golden Lane” with the Kafka House is free from 5 pm. So you can definitely save money here if you just come later! This is also a good idea because you have a fantastic view over the city from the forecourt of the castle at sunset. Because then you'll see why Prague is actually known as the “Golden City”.

04 Old Town Square

The large square in the middle of the old town is home to some of the city's most famous buildings, such as the Teyn Church and St. Nicholas Church. But the old town hall with its beautiful astronomical clock is particularly worth seeing! So be sure to include a detour to the Old Town Square on your sightseeing tour!

By the way: If you come to the square on the hour, you can watch the clock chime. Bene and I always passed by the square unplanned on the hour. So we always had something to look at. However, the square is much emptier half an hour later.

05 John Lennon Wall

The colorful John Lennon wall was sprayed with graffiti by young people in the 1980s to express their displeasure with the government. The campaign was influential. Since then, the wall has been lined with colorful graffiti. The appearance of the wall changes from time to time. Today it is used as an art and social project. However, there is usually still a political message in the works of art.

06 Jewish quarter

If you're in Prague, you should definitely make a detour to the Jewish quarter! Because here you will learn some information about the Nazi era. In addition to several synagogues, you can also visit the ceremonial hall and the Robert Guttmann Gallery. In my opinion, however, the most interesting place in the Jewish quarter is the old Jewish cemetery. Of course, a cemetery is not your typical tourist attraction. But I think the Jewish cemetery in Prague is something you should have seen!


There is so much more to discover in Prague. For me, the whole city was actually a sight. So it's best to stroll through the city without a real destination. You'll discover things you weren't even looking for. That's exactly how Bene and I suddenly ended up in a store selling old records, which was very cool! What's more, most of the sights will cross your path anyway, such as Wenceslas Square, the Bridge of Legends or the Dancing House.

If the weather is good, you should also spend some time in one of the many parks. The largest parks right in the city center are Petrin Park, Kampa Park or Letna Park with its beer garden.

I have put together a list of all the places on Google Maps.

You can find the list here.