01 Plaka

Plaka is the main town on Milos. Here you will experience the “typical Greek” ambience up close, as the small streets with their white and blue houses and pink flowers are straight out of a Greek picture book. To fully enjoy it, it's best to just sit down in one of the cute restaurants and watch the hustle and bustle and the scenery...

The highlight in Plaka, however, is the “Venetian Castle of Milos”. You can actually climb to the roof and enjoy a magnificent view over the island and the sea. However, the view is even better a little further up from the “Holy Church of the Prophet Elias”. Everyone comes here at sunset because it is simply beautiful to look at! If you haven't planned to eat in one of the restaurants in Plaka, make sure you pack a picnic with wine and end the day up there.

02 Klima

The most popular fishing village on Milos is probably Klima, which is not surprising. With its white houses with colorful balconies, doors and windows, Klima is simply beautiful. Whether during the day or in the evening!

You don't need to bring a lot of time with you to discover little Klima. But you can! Klima is also a particularly popular place to watch the sunset, so you can enjoy it here in complete relaxation. Afterwards, you can browse through the three small shops and then have dinner at Astakas. However, the restaurant is so popular that you should bring plenty of time with you. Because you always have to wait a loooong time for a table here in the evening. But the wait is definitely worth it in the end!

03 Mandrákia

Mandrákia is famous precisely because of its restaurant. Medusa attracts guests from all over the world with its delicious, fresh octopus. Luckily, the beautiful fishing village enjoys the attention it deserves. I think the panorama of Mandrákia was actually my absolute favorite when it comes to views of cute fishing villages!

And if you fancy combining your trip to Mandrákia with a day at the beach, that's no problem at all. Right next to the small fishing village is the beautiful Tourkothalassa beach, where you can relax and find a spot for yourself!

04 Agiou Konstantinou

Agiou Konstantinou is not really a well-known fishing village and we only discovered it because we were on the beach at Alogomántra. But that's exactly what I found so beautiful. We were the only tourists in the small village and were able to enjoy the scenery in peace and quiet.

This tranquillity is what makes this little village so special. I would therefore ask every visitor to behave quietly and, in particular, not to leave garbage or similar items lying around. While Klima and Mandrákia are well-known tourist destinations, this is not the case with Agiou Konstantino. It would be nice to maintain the village's status as an “insider tip”, wouldn't it?

05 Adamantas

Adamantas is the place where we stayed and where the ferry arrives. It is therefore a little more touristy here. There are a few boutiques, restaurants and boat tour operators. However, this makes the city very lively. If you want to go out, Adamantas is the place to do it.

Do you prefer some peace and quiet? Adamantas can offer that too. From the church of Agios Haralambos, you can enjoy a wonderful view over the island without being disturbed by crowds of tourists. However, it is even more idyllic at the Fáros Adáma lighthouse. It is particularly beautiful to come here at sunset. While in Klima, Plaka and Sarakiniko you can admire the sunset with 100 other people, you will be almost alone at the Adamantas lighthouse!

I have put together a list of all the places and more on Google Maps.

You can find the list here.