Sailing from Sardinia to Corsica


Before I tell you all about what we discovered and did, I'd like to make one thing clear: Every sailing trip is different. The sailing route is not only adapted to the interests of the people sailing with us, but also to the weather. So I can't promise you that your sailing trip will be exactly like mine. The following tips are therefore intended more as an insight and impression.

Party, Party, Party

When so many young people come together in one place, one thing is inevitable: Party! Conveniently, one of the five boats was not a normal sailing yacht, but a sailing catamaran. Not only is it bigger and more luxurious than a normal sailing yacht, it is also perfect for a small boat party.

But we also enjoyed spending the nights on the beach, dancing, singing and laughing together. Our stop at Spiaggia Porto Liscia was particularly cool. There is a beach bar there (“Wind Porto Pollo”) where a DJ plays music accompanied by a trumpet player. We had a lot of fun that evening! Some of us also went clubbing in Bonifacio and partied the night away. There was a short firework display every half hour.

Explored Bonifacio

We didn't do much on land. We did go for a swim or a ride on the dinghy, but we only really went ashore in Bonifacio (Corsica). But it was well worth it!

Bonifacio has a beautiful, small old town that towers on a hill above the town and the harbor. It is surrounded by a well-preserved town wall. Even the entrance to the harbor was well worth seeing. And we all enjoyed our walk through the city. We had amazing views of the sea, admired old houses and popped into a cute boutique here and there. To top it all off, we were able to enjoy a beautiful sunset followed by dinner on the flotilla. Our trip ashore couldn't have gone any better.

Laughed with the crew

What made the week memorable for me once again were the many moments when we laughed with the crew. Someone always suddenly came out of a corner and dropped a funny line. Or one or two mishaps happened that made us laugh out loud. There was also a small internal competition, which provided a few laughs.

A certain dynamic simply developed within the group as a whole. And although we were all very different, we got on really well. All in all, the trip showed me once again that the best thing about Join The Crew is simply the crew. Everything else is irrelevant!

Had fun in the water (with and without SUP)

Although the sea wasn't too warm, that didn't stop us from splashing around in the water - whether swimming, with a rubber dinghy or on the SUP that we had rented in the harbor beforehand. Sometimes we went to the beach, sometimes to the other boats or we took underwater photos and videos.

Admired the sunsets from the beach & boat

Once again, there was no shortage of beautiful sunsets. We mostly watched them from the boat and enjoyed a sundowner. In Bonifacio, however, sundowners were drunk on the old town wall; and in Porto Liscia on the beach. I could imagine worse places for a sundowner.

Anchored in beautiful bays

We were not able to take the flotilla into small bays. But that doesn't mean that the bays we visited weren't still beautiful. My favorite was Spiaggia Cala Coticcio. The water there was so beautifully turquoise and there were hardly any people on the small adjacent beach. A real insider tip!

I've put together a list of the places we've been to on Google Maps.

You can find the list here.