dear(travel)diary by C is - as the name suggests - my travel diary, or in other words, my travel blog. My main aim with my blog is to give you inspiration for your travels and make it easier for you to plan them by drawing on my experiences and tips. But what makes my blog stand out from the thousands of others out there? My travel blog wasn't originally a blog at all. Because originally the “blog” was just one big coherent document for my 2019 Scandinavia road trip. I actually just wanted to simplify our own trip by creating a little personal travel guide.

I love to plan and organize. That's why I planned our Scandinavia road trip in such detail that I created a mini travel guide. Because I didn't want to miss anything. I didn't want to regret after the trip that we missed out on something super cool just because I didn't inform myself well enough. So I spent hours researching...

Now it was just a shame that I put so much time and work into my Scandinavia travel guide and we didn't need the document after the trip. So I wanted to share my planning to help others and save time! My blog was born out of this desire! However, the blog goes beyond my planning. After all, I can now enrich everything with my own experiences after our trip. Because now I know the best places to stay, how strenuous the hikes are and what you should definitely see. My blog will guide you on your next trip so that nothing can go wrong!

But now I've only been talking about this one trip to Scandinavia the whole time. So what's the point if I've only planned one trip in such detail? Well, I plan all my trips so well and I write down my experiences and tips for all my trips. So you'll benefit from not just one, but every single one of my blog posts! So just take a look and let yourself be inspired. There's sure to be (at least) one destination for you!

And what else do I have besides a travel diary? That's right, a normal diary. Because I can't just travel all the time! In my dear(travel)diary, I deal with the everyday madness. There's something for everyone here, from photography to learning tips to sustainability. In my “normal” diary, I also try to offer you as much added value as possible through my own experience!

So and now: let yourself be inspired!



What can I tell you about myself? I'm Chiara anyway! But there are certainly more interesting things about me than my name. Would you find it more interesting if I told you that I'm actually a lawyer? No? I can understand, my studies were often too dry for me too. That's why I needed something creative on the side. And that's when I came up with the idea for this blog. Because on my blog I can give free rein to my creativity: be it in the form of texts or pictures. I also built and designed the entire website myself (without any previous knowledge). I was able to give free rein to my own ideas.

When I'm not working on my blog or traveling, you'll usually find me somewhere in Wuppertal. Because here I live. My door is always open to my friends and acquaintances, so it never gets boring here. I always have something to do, whether it's playing tennis, going out for a meal with friends or organizing a little games evening. I love variety and good company.

That's why I'm always happy to meet new faces. So if you're ever in beautiful Wuppertal, just let me know! I have lots of tips on what you can do here. And maybe I'll even have time to show you a bit of the city!

Apart from that, my life is pretty normal. But I think if you follow my blog for a while, you'll get to know me a little better. Maybe then you'll quickly notice my cheeky and clumsy side...