A city that needs sustainable travel

I am becoming more and more interested in sustainable travel. So during our trip to Venice, I researched what sustainable travel is. We did one thing right from the start: we went to Venice outside the main travel season. This already contributes to sustainable travel, as it takes the pressure off the city during the peak season. After all, Venice in particular suffers greatly from the consequences of mass tourism.

I can imagine that the summer months in Venice provide a certain flair and the weather is certainly better. But in winter, Venice is beautifully decorated and less touristy. And if it rains or is too cold, you can simply visit a museum or sit in a café. In the end, we were able to adapt our plans very well to the weather and discover this popular city in all its beauty.

If you would like to find out more about sustainable travel, I have something for you here.

Cruise ships: The enemies of Venice

I don't like cruise ships. I see them as major polluters in the tourism & travel sector. And our trip to Venice only reinforced this aversion to cruise ships. Because Venice is increasingly doomed. And cruise ships are one of the culprits. Their propellers generate such a vibration that they destroy the foundations of the city. It is becoming increasingly porous because the mortar between the bricks is being washed out and the mud on the sandbanks is also diminishing. As a result, Venice sinks further and further and morbidity increases. The maintenance of the city? Priceless!

Cruise ships continue to bring masses of day tourists to Venice. The crowds of tourists are a problem that has been plaguing the city for a long time. In addition, the enormous displacement of water by the super ships causes extreme changes in high and low water levels. As a result, flooding occurs time and again, causing water to penetrate through the façades into the first floors of Venice's buildings. This makes them unusable.

This harsh reality has shocked me so much that I wonder how anyone can set off on a cruise to Venice with a clear conscience. Would you want to contribute to the UNESCO World Heritage Site one day sharing the fate of Atlantis?