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Breakfast at Ipsen - a must

Café Ipsen was recommended to me by a friend who lived in Copenhagen as a “small, cute café with good coffee” because of its homemade muesli for breakfast. And he didn't promise too much. The breakfast certainly wasn't cheap, but I can't remember the last time I had such a good breakfast. Not only the muesli, but also the bread, cheese and croissant were delicious. And Benes coffee and my cocoa were also great. If I come to Copenhagen again, I will definitely have breakfast at Ipsen again!

You can find Café Ipsen here: Gl. Kongevej 108, 1850 Frederiksberg, Copenhagen.

Eat delicious Danish specialties

There are two things you should eat in Copenhagen: smørrebrød and cheesecake.

Smørrebrød is a traditional lunch in Denmark. It consists of brown bread spread with salty butter and a thick topping. We had smørrebrød at the traditional Færgecafé in Christianshavn (Strandgade 50, 1401 Copenhagen). Our table was on a boat in the middle of the canal. I had a sandwich with crab and salad, which tasted really good. However, unlike the Danes, I would personally plan smørrebrød for dinner in the evening.

The Danes are also known for their love of cheesecake! So you should definitely eat a cheesecake in Copenhagen. We bought an Oreo cheesecake in Reffen... Wow! It was just sooo delicious!

Where else you can find delicious food

  • Restaurant Gorilla, Flæsketorvet 63, 1711 Copenhagen - International cuisine and cocktails
  • Kaffeplantagen, Enghave Pl. 1, 1670 Copenhagen - Café with good coffee and delicious pastries
  • Emmerys Organic Bakery, various branches - bakery with delicious pastries
  • Reffen Street Food, Refshalevej 167, Unit A, 1432 Copenhagen - Street food market with culinary delights from all over the world and stalls from young companies

I have put together a list of all the places on Google Maps.

You can find the list here.