What to see & discover

Castel San Pietro

You have probably the most beautiful view over Verona from Castel San Pietro. It is located on the other side of the Adige. You can get there via a few steps to the left of the Teatro Romano. But you can also make it even easier for yourself and take the funicular up for 1 EUR. The ride itself is an experience! Plus, you won't arrive at the top drenched in sweat. On the way down, however, I would recommend taking the stairs to soak up the atmosphere of the Parco delle Mura.

For a particularly romantic evening in Verona, pack a bottle of wine and enjoy the sunset from up here!

Arena di Verona

Verona is best known for its legendary operettas. These are performed in no less a venue than the Arena di Verona. You can imagine the Arena as a small, well-preserved Colosseum. The only difference is that this Colosseum is not in Rome, but in Verona. Incidentally, this is also one of the reasons why Verona reminds me so much of Rome.

Unfortunately, I haven't yet managed to see a performance in the arena. But Bene and I want to come back one day for this very reason. And I think: Verona is always worth a visit!

Piazza Delle Erbe & Torre Dei Lamberti!

The Piazza delle Erbe is an absolute tourist hotspot. Nevertheless, you should have seen this square with its many market stalls. The piazza is lined with some beautiful house facades with well-preserved frescoes.

It is also home to the Torre dei Lamberti, from whose viewing terrace you can enjoy another wonderful view over Verona. In good weather, you can even see the Dolomites!

Ponte Pietra

Probably the most famous bridge in Verona is the Ponte Pietra. It leads from the city center over the Adige River up to Castel San Pietro. The arched bridge itself is also well worth seeing!

Incidentally, you will find the Gelateria Ponte Pietra right next to the Ponte Pietra (as the name suggests). This is probably the best ice cream in Verona!

Casa di Giulietta

Who hasn't heard of Shakespeare's tragic love story “Romeo and Juliet”? This story is said to have taken place right here - in Verona. That's why you can visit both the Casa di Giulietta and the Casa di Romeo in Verona. You will meet most tourists at Juliet's house. Because this is where tourists queue up to see Giulietta's famous balcony.

I can totally understand if you also want to see this place. Otherwise, however, it is completely overrated. So see it once and then get away from the mass tourism!


Verona is not a very big city, so you can explore it wonderfully on foot. And that's exactly what's so much fun in Verona! Simply stroll through the many charming alleyways and let the city work its magic on you.

You don't need a big sightseeing tour. Because Verona is a sight in itself. Nevertheless, you will pass some of Verona's sights on foot all by yourself! For example, we walked past the Scaliger tombs long before I even had them on my radar.

Shoppen in Verona

I think I could go shopping for hours anywhere in Italy. Because hardly any other people have such a taste in fashion as the Italians. But Verona is a particularly good place to go shopping. The most famous street for this is Via Mazzini.

In addition to the well-known brands, you will find a number of small boutiques, second-hand and concept stores in Verona. The upcycling store Hidden Forest Market is also worth a visit.

Other Places to visit

If you want to escape the tourist crowds, head to the historic district of San Zeno. Although it is still close to the city center, you will encounter fewer tourists here. If you walk along the Adige to San Zeno, you will also pass Castelvecchio and can admire the castle briefly. The Giardino Giusti, which is considered one of the most beautiful Italian gardens of the Renaissance, also offers some peace and quiet.

Not in the mood for peace and quiet? Then explore the student quarter! This is logically located near the university. Here you can have a drink in one of the bars in the evening. The Soda Jerk bar is said to be particularly cool. It's also a must to walk to the Bottega del Krapfen on the banks of the Adige river to enjoy a snack.

something different

When I was researching Verona, I came across an interesting thing: You can book a rafting tour across the Adige in Verona! And it's supposed to be really exciting. Because the Adige is not as calm as you think!

So, if you have the time, experience Verona from a different perspective and book a tour!

I have put together a list of all the places on Google Maps.

You can find the list here.