I imagine a Swedish postcard to look something like this: Colorful wooden houses on a lake, a jetty with small boats in front of it, a wooden jetty leading into the water and a few small rock-covered islands in the water. An idyllic picture. If I now imagine the wooden houses from the inside, I have a perfectly furnished living room in front of my eyes - just like in an interior design magazine.

Once I arrive in Sweden, I am not disappointed by this image. It's not just Sweden's architecture (inside and out) that stands out, but also its fashion consciousness. But the Swedish nature is also impressive. And this is exactly what you should experience in Sweden. Be it on a summer boat tour around the picturesque archipelago islands or on a snow hike through Lapland.

Destinations in Sweden:



Sweden's capital is Stockholm.


The national language is Swedish, but almost everyone speaks and understands English.



In Sweden you pay with Swedish kronor (SEK). 1 EUR corresponds to approx. 11.42 SEK.


Entry & Visas

Sweden is a member of the EU, which is why EU citizens do not require a visa. In addition, there are generally no border controls within the EU. You only need to carry your identity card with you.


Central European Time (UTC+1) applies.

Credit card & ATMs

There are ATMs almost everywhere and you can actually pay by card everywhere. We didn't need cash once.


Best time to visit

June to August are particularly suitable for summer activities. The months from December to March are best for seeing the Northern Lights or winter sports.


A national driving license is sufficient for EU citizens. The road network is well developed and the roads are in good condition. The traffic signs and rules are largely standardized within Europe.

The speed limits are 90 to 120 km/h on dual carriageways and freeways, 70 km/h outside built-up areas and 50 km/h within built-up areas. The blood alcohol limit is 0.2 per mille. You should adhere to all regulations if you don't want to pay expensive fines.

You can find more information here.



If you have a phone contract from the EU or the Schengen area, you do not pay any roaming charges. You can use your phone at the same rate as at home.

Everyone's right & Camping

In Sweden, as in Norway, everyone's law (schw. Allemansrätten) applies. This is not written law, but customary law. It regulates how you are allowed to behave and spend time in the great outdoors. Above all, it is associated with freedoms: For example, you are allowed to hike and cycle almost anywhere in nature. Wild camping is also permitted for one night, as long as you do not pitch your tent on private land, public green spaces or agricultural land.

However, you should adhere to certain rules. The basic rule is: “Do not disturb and do not destroy”. You should therefore pitch your tent out of sight of residential buildings. You should always take your garbage with you and dispose of it properly. And in general, no damage should be done to nature. Also note that you are not allowed to explore the great outdoors in a motorized vehicle. Therefore, overnight stays in a car or motorhome are only permitted on the roadside or in a parking lot for a maximum of 24 hours.

If you prefer to pitch your tent on a campsite, you can find some campsites at I can also recommend the Park4Night app.