There is hardly an island in the world that is as hyped as Bali. No wonder, because the island of the gods attracts visitors with its beautiful beaches, lush green rice fields, imposing volcanic mountains and traditional temples. But what really sets Bali apart are the people and the flair of the island. Despite the hustle and bustle of the tourist hotspots, Bali exudes a certain tranquillity everywhere.



when I successfully passed my second state examination in February this year, I treated myself to my very own reward: a trip to Bali. I spontaneously booked a flight 12 days before departure. At that point, I hadn't made any arrangements and was flying all by myself - my first trip all by myself. I was actually quite nervous.

The first thing I did was take care of my missing vaccinations. Luckily, my doctor was also spontaneous and I got all my vaccinations just in time. However, I left it a little open with my accommodation. I only had a few accommodations already secured thanks to cooperations. For someone like me, who likes to plan everything in advance, that was pretty exciting. But I still wanted to keep my options open for how I would travel around Bali.

So it was with great excitement that I boarded the plane. The first time traveling alone, the first time completely unplanned. But as soon as I arrived in Bali, all my excitement vanished. I felt at home from the very first second. I also had Bege (@balitripwithbege) to thank for that, who picked me up at the airport. Bege drives tourists around Bali and organizes excursions and tours for them. You can find out more about this below. In any case, he gave me a warm welcome. And my first accommodation also gave me a fantastic welcome...

xx Chiara

What places there are to experience:

Since Bali is so big, I have compiled all the information for you by location. Just click on one of the places and find out what there is to experience, where you can eat and drink well, where you can best stay overnight, and, and, and...

Good to know:


Compared to Europe, everything is a bit cheaper in Bali: food, accommodation, transportation and so on. However, Bali is definitely more expensive than many other places in Asia due to the tourism boom. Accommodation in particular is a little more expensive. You can even find accommodation in Bali for 800-1000€ per night! But you can also sleep somewhere for less than €10 a night. There is actually something for every price range. But you definitely get more for your money than in Europe!

You can eat very well and, above all, cheaply in Bali - at least if you eat traditional food in typical warungs. For example, I ate a delicious nasi goreng for €1 at Warung Sunny in Uluwatu. But even outside of the traditional restaurants, you're better off compared to Western countries. Most dishes cost between €3 and €7.

Transportation with Grab & co. is definitely cheaper than a cab at home. However, the prices here can sometimes add up. You should also bear in mind that you often have to pay a small entrance fee for many attractions, including beaches. This is usually only between 50ct and 4€. However, this can still add up. Tours such as the hike to Mount Batur or ferry trips are not necessarily cheap either. Therefore, always compare prices before booking to avoid being ripped off.

On the road

If you want to get from A to B in Bali, it is easiest to rent your own scooter for short distances or book a scooter driver via the Grab or Gojek apps. For long distances, however, a car is probably the better (and safer) option. You can, of course, hire your own rental car. However, it is somewhat easier and probably more advisable in the traffic to book a driver. You can do this via the same apps or you can simply write to Bege (@balitripwithbege). I got to know Bege via Instagram and always felt safe with him or one of his drivers. Bege is also just great as a person! We have become friends in such a short time. He always drove me reliably (and cheaply!) and even organized my trips (e.g. ferry ride to Gili Meno or the volcano hike at Mount Batur) at the best prices.


What makes Bali special is its unique culture. The island is the last Hindu province in Indonesia - the country with the largest Islamic population in the world. Despite the ever-growing commercialization of Bali, the people here are still in harmony with their religion. The rituals and practices of the Balinese are by no means staged and you can really feel that here! I was simply thrilled to see how the Balinese continue to live their lives in their own way despite the hustle and bustle of the tourists and how they radiate a sense of calm that permeates the whole island.

There's just one thing you should bear in mind: different religions, different customs. For example, I arrived the day before “Nyepi”. It is the highest Hindu holiday in Bali, celebrating the new year according to the traditional Balinese moon phase calendar Saka. However, unlike us, the New Year is not celebrated with a big party, but with silence. On the “Day of Silence”, the Balinese fast and meditate and there is a curfew - even for tourists! Incidentally, flight operations are also completely suspended on this day. Fortunately, I knew this beforehand and had booked a nice hotel for the time. Otherwise I would have had a bit of a problem.


Another thing you can do very cheaply in Bali is spend time in a spa. You pay significantly less for a massage, eyelash lift or manicure than in Germany. So take advantage of this and treat yourself to a little time out. In Canggu, Kuta, Seminyak and Ubud in particular, you'll find a small spa or beauty salon on every corner.

By the way: If you like wellness, yoga and music, why not visit Bali during the BaliSpirit Festival? You can find out more here.


Bali is considered a surfer's paradise because of its waves. But where the waves break well, the current is not without its drawbacks. You should therefore always bear in mind the sometimes strong undercurrent when swimming. Always pay attention to the flag on the beach. If it is red, it is better not to go in too deep.

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