Milos Island

Milos, oh Milos. You have enchanted me. Your beautiful beaches, your colorful fishing villages, your lovely inhabitants and the peace that you radiate simply cast a spell over me. You offer everything you could wish for from a Greek island and so much more!



our Milos vacation was exactly what I wanted (and needed): Pure relaxation, even though we saw and discovered so much! I haven't had such a relaxed vacation in a long time. Because my “fear of missing out” always makes me want to see as much as possible and therefore plan less time for relaxation. This time was different! As Milos is primarily known for its beautiful beaches, our discovery tours were mostly limited to sunbathing on the most beautiful beaches. Perfect for recharging your batteries!

Milos is not a large island, so we never had to drive more than 10 km. This also helped us to relax enormously. We simply rented a scooter from “Smile Car & Moto” (I can highly recommend the rental service, by the way, nice people and the best prices), drove to the beach in the morning and to the most beautiful Greek villages in the evening. We always enjoyed the most delicious food and met the loveliest people.

What we particularly liked, however, was that Milos is not (yet) too touristy. Our new friend Spiros told us that the island was fully booked when we were there. But it didn't seem that way at all. Although we always met tourists, it was much emptier than everywhere else on our last trips. In addition, many Greeks also spend their vacations on Milos, so you will definitely experience Greek flair.

xx Chiara


The Best Beaches:

  1. Sarakiniko
  2. Papafragas
  3. Kleftiko
  4. Tsigrado
  5. Firopotamos
  6. Fyriplaka
  7. Alogomántra
  8. Lagada Beach

The most beautiful Fishing-villages & towns

  1. Plaka
  2. Klima
  3. Mandrákia
  4. Agiou Konstantinou
  5. Adamantas


  • Oh! Hamos! Tavern in Adamantas (restaurant) (Must-Visit!)
  • Ell'oínon in Adamantas (restaurant) (must-visit!)
  • Medusa in Mandrákia (restaurant)
  • Astakas Cafe Restaurant in Klima (restaurant)
  • Phatses in Plaka (restaurant)
  • O Petrinos Seafood and more in Adamantas (restaurant)
  • Gregory's in Adamantas (lunch snack)
  • Yankos in Adamantas (lunchtime snack)
  • Aggeliki in Adamantas (ice cream)


As I couldn't really decide which hotel to book, we had two hotels on Milos:

  1. Lagada Beach Hotel
  2. Santa Maria Village Spa & Resort

We found both hotels very good and would book them again at any time.


  • 3 nights Lagada Beach Hotel (incl. breakfast) in total for 2: €285
  • 2 nights Santa Maria Village (incl. breakfast) in total for 2: 300€
  • Ferry there and back (from Athens): 91€ p.p.
  • Scooter rental for 4 days: 30€
  • Refueling scooter: 16€
  • Food in total for two: 175€
  • Boat trip Kleftiko: 30€ p.p.
  • Cab from the hotel to the harbor: 15€

I have put together a list of all the places on Google Maps.

You can find the list here.

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