Amalfi Coast

Sea and mountains combined - this mixture makes for the special beauty of the Amalfi Coast! Here, colorful houses line the steep mountain slopes. From the top of the mountains, you can see the sea glistening endlessly and discover small villages again and again. Italy shows its most beautiful side on the Amalfi Coast!



this vacation I finally ticked off a destination that was very high up on my travel bucket list: the Amalfi Coast. I've wanted to go there for sooo long; it finally happened! And I was not disappointed. The vacation was great! We found the perfect mix of relaxation and excursions, even though we were out and about every day! Because the routes on the Amalfi Coast are not long. We never had to drive more than 40 km. Although the trips through the mountainous landscape often take a little longer, there is something to see on every route. We always stopped along the way to enjoy the beautiful views or take photos. In addition, the towns are all quite small, so after two hours we had always seen everything and were able to relax on one of the many beaches on the Amalfi Coast.

We were also really lucky with the weather (despite or perhaps because it was September)! It was neither too hot nor too cold, but always pleasantly warm. That was great, because it was our first time camping together! It was even Bene's first time ever! To be honest, I only came up with the idea of camping because I was a bit short of money. Unfortunately, hotels on the Amalfi Coast are often expensive. While looking for cheap accommodation, I came across a campsite and suggested it to Bene straight away.

The only problem with camping was that we were flying. So we were limited in our luggage. That meant no chairs, no table, just the bare essentials. So this was going to be Benes' first camping experience? Oh dear, poor thing! But it didn't put him off. On the contrary, we both had to admit to ourselves after the vacation: It was the best vacation we've both had so far...

xx Chiara


What to see & Discover

  1. Positano
  2. Sentiero degli Dei
  3. (Boat) trip to Capri
  4. Amalfi
  5. Grotta dello Smeraldo
  6. Fiordo di Furore
  7. Sorrent, Ravello und Salerno
  8. Neapel, Pompeji & Vesuv

Where to eat

We didn't eat out much as we were able to cook for ourselves at the campsite. The food in the Villaggio Nettuno's own restaurant was also delicious and very cheap! Nevertheless, I have a few tips for you on where you can eat well:

  • Collina Positano Bakery (Positano) - Delicious pastries & good coffee
  • Pasticceria Gambardella (Minori) - bar with a delicious selection of sweet pastries where you can also meet the locals
  • Santa Croce (Nocelle) - guesthouse with restaurant, from where you have a magnificent view of the sea and coastline
  • Conca del Sogno (Massa Lubrense) - beach club with a beautiful sea view and good seafood dishes

Where to sleep

We camped at the Villaggio Nettuno campsite. In addition to a tent or pitch, you can also book bungalows and rooms here. The campsite cost us around EUR 20 a night, which is probably the cheapest you can get on the Amalfi Coast anywhere else. We were able to park our car in a parking lot on the site.

Overall, the campsite was very clean, especially the showers and toilets. Each pitch also has an electricity connection. There was also a small supermarket and a restaurant on the site. The food was delicious and reasonably priced, as was the house wine. The only thing we could perhaps criticize is the location of the campsite. Nettuno is in Nerano, at the tip of the Amalfi Coast. It's not exactly a hive of activity here. That's why we needed a car to get from A to B. In addition, the journey by car takes a little longer (always 10 to 15 minutes longer). But it was very nice there! We had a wonderful view of the sea, the harbor and the beach.

A propo harbor! There are daily boat trips from the harbor to the towns on the Amalfi Coast. The Villaggio Nettuno also organizes daily diving trips or trips to Capri. Not only will you get to Capri faster from Nerano, but the boats are also less crowded and we weren't ripped off with the prices. It therefore makes sense to book a boat trip with the Villaggio.


  • Flights: 180€ p.p.
  • Campsite for 6 days in total: 120€
  • Rental car for 1 week: 130€
  • Refueling: approx. 40€
  • Excursion to Capri: €30 per person
  • Entrance to Grotta dello Smeraldo: €5 p.p.
  • Food for two people in total: approx. 160€
Tip for parking: Parking costs can sometimes be very expensive on the Amalfi Coast. That's why you should always look for parking space on the roadside just before the little towns and walk a little way from there. This will save you money and give you time to explore!

I have put together a list of all the places on Google Maps.

You can find the list here.

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