Zell am See/ Kaprun

The Zell am See/ Kaprun mountain region is characterized by beautiful nature. Its snow-covered peaks, which are reflected in the lake, attract tourists in both summer and winter. The countless summer and winter sports options will make you forget everything else. Perfect for switching off for a few days!



We can look back on a few exciting hours in Kaprun... Yesterday Bene and I set off on a hike to the high mountain reservoirs in Kaprun. We wanted to pitch our tent there for a night of wild camping. Unlike in Norway, however, wild camping is not allowed everywhere in Austria. That's why we checked with the tourist information office beforehand. They told us that we could pitch our tent at a refuge or in front of the Heinrich-Schwaiger-Haus. So we set off...

The hike was beautiful, but it took longer than expected. We set off at around 4:30 pm (from then on there are no more tourist buses going up) and arrived at the first reservoir (Wasserfallboden) at around 6:30 pm. From there, the way to the second reservoir (the Mooserboden) didn't look sooo long... and yet it still took ages. Admittedly, we often stopped for photos and were a little slower than usual due to all the camping equipment. But the road really dragged on. As it slowly started to get dark, we decided to pitch our tent at a shelter - which was unfortunately closed.

We had discovered the hut on the way and had a wonderful view of the first reservoir from there. It was a great place to watch the sunset. But just as we had set everything up, we suddenly saw a flash in the distance. Oh no, that can't be true! A thunderstorm? In the mountains - right by the water??? We both got scared... That's exactly WHY you're not allowed to camp wild here! The weather is unpredictable. We were constantly monitoring the weather on our phones. As the storm approached, we took our valuables and sleeping bags and made our way into a tunnel to seek shelter for the next hour.

The tunnel is actually intended for car traffic to the reservoirs. However, it is so narrow that only one car can pass through at a time. Traffic is regulated by traffic lights and probably also by people. Because there was a chair in a small corridor in the tunnel. We snuggled up on the chair with our sleeping bags and waited out the thunderstorm. Fortunately, it passed quickly. Afterwards, we had a clear sky. So we were able to sleep for a few hours with peace of mind...

After a few hours, however, we had to get out of our sleeping bags again! After all, we wanted to experience the sunrise at the Mooserboden reservoir and we still had a short distance to cover... Once we reached the top, we were rewarded with an incredibly beautiful view.

xx Chiara

What to discover:


The Mountain Reservoirs Kaprun - the Mooserboden and the Wasserfallboden, nestled in the fantastic mountain scenery of the Hohe Tauern. We wanted to experience this backdrop on foot. And what can I say: it was breathtakingly beautiful!

Sigmund Thun Gorge

Many years ago, a glacier formed a valley cut into the rock in Kaprun: the Sigmund Thun Gorge. Today, the water roars through it. You can visit the gorge between steep rock faces over wooden bridges and walk right next to the thundering masses of water.

The Towns

Zell am See and Kaprun are the centers of the region around the Kitzsteinhorn. Both towns are located in the heart of Pinzgau in Salzburger Land.

While we only saw Kaprun from the car, we explored Zell am See a little. At first glance, Kaprun seemed very touristy. Zell am See is also geared towards tourism. But the town has a little more charm. Similar to Kitzbühel, there are some cute, colorful little houses with small boutiques and shops. The lake of Zell am See is particularly present in the town. It gives the town its special charm.


We only spent one day in the Zell am See/Kaprun region. Far too little time to explore everything... What a shame! Because the region around the Kitzsteinhorn has so much to offer, whether in summer or winter. If you want to discover more of Zell am See and Kaprun and also have more time there, then I can recommend the tourist information of Zell am See/ Kaprun. Both the website and Instagram provide great information and inspiration for the entire region - whether for summer or winter.

I have put together a list of all the places on Google Maps.

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