14 islands in Lake Mälaren - that's Stockholm! A city that has it all. In addition to a beautiful city center with imposing buildings and impressive museums, Stockholm has pure nature right on its doorstep. You don't have to travel far to be in a relaxing nature reserve with great hiking trails, lakes and beaches.



we went straight from Norway to Stockholm! After the long drive, we first relaxed in the beautiful Björno nature reserve before enjoying a day of sightseeing!

Unfortunately, the weather wasn't quite on our side. It was very foggy and raining. After watching the hour-long changing of the guard at the Royal Palace at around 12:15, I was soaked to the skin. So we decided to look for a warm and dry place: the Vasa Museum. We wanted to go there anyway, so it was perfect! And lo and behold, by the time we had finished our tour of the museum, the weather outside had also improved. So we were able to experience Stockholm after all. What did we see? I'll be happy to tell you here!

xx Chiara

P.S. If you want to experience Stockholm in its full bloom, you are welcome to bring a few more days with you. That way you might not only see the old town (Gamla Stan) with its crooked alleyways, but also have time to enjoy a cinnamon bun in one of the good cafés or take a trip to the archipelago.


What to see & discover

  1. Viewpoint at Monteliusvägen
  2. Vasa Museum
  3. Kungsträdgården
  4. Gamla Stan
  5. Björnö Nature Reserve
  6. Fotografiska
  7. Royal Palace
  8. Drottningholm Castle
  9. Skansen open-air museum
  10. Going out on Södermalm
  11. Djurgården Island
  12. Special tip: Roof-top hiking
  13. Archipelago
  14. Stora Sand on Nåttarö

Where to eat

What (apart from cinnamon buns) do you definitely have to eat in Sweden? Köttbular! And the best are at Gästabud in Gamla Stan. It's packed, but you can wait for a seat at the bar. The köttbular here are not only delicious, but also relatively cheap!

If you fancy a little snack in the meantime, stop by Bröd&Salt. The cinnamon buns and cookies are delicious and Bene (the little barista) thought the coffee was solid too.

Where to sleep

We spent the first night in the Björno nature reserve. There are several places on the island that are signposted as (free) campsites. There are also outhouses and a few water points (caution: no drinking water!). Luckily, we used a map in the parking lot to find a nice campsite in the middle of the forest and were completely alone there. We pitched our tent so that we had a wonderful view of the sea. We heard some animal noises at night. However, it wasn't scary or anything, but rather very relaxing, so we quickly fell into a deep sleep. The parking lot at the nature reserve cost SEK 45 for 24 hours. A small fee when you consider that we spent the night here and even had a beach in front of us.

The Klubbensborg campsite is closer to Stockholm's city center than Björnö. That's why we spent two more nights here. Overall, the campsite was very nice and well equipped. Booking was also very easy. We paid the equivalent of EUR 33 per night for a pitch with electricity. You can also rent a room in the Klubbenborg guesthouse of the same name. There is also a café and a marina. The Klubbenborg site is located directly on the water and is only a 10-minute walk from the nearest subway station. We bought a day ticket for Stockholm for around 12.50 EUR per person and took the metro to Mariatorget, from where we started our day in Stockholm.


  • 1 night nature reserve Björno: 4€ parking fee
  • 1 night camping Klubbensborg in total: 33€
  • Metro day ticket: 12,50€ p.p.
  • Snack Bröd&Salt: 5,50€
  • Admission Vasa Museum: 14€ p.p.
  • Lunch Vasa Museum: 7€ p.p.
  • Entrance Fotografiska: 14€ p.p.
  • Dinner Gästabud Stockholm: 20€ p.p.
  • Supermarket Stockholm: 9€ p.p.

I have put together a list of all the places on Google Maps.

You can find the list here.

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"The ABBA museum is cool! And of course you have to eat cinnamon buns in Sweden!"


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