Burg Eltz

things to know about Eltz castle

Way to the castle

The path from the (main) parking lot through the forest to Eltz Castle is 1.3 km long and takes about 15 minutes (on foot). The path is like a short walk and can therefore be completed regardless of age or fitness level. If you are in a wheelchair, push a baby carriage or have other mobility restrictions, you can also use the paved path (driveway) or take the bus that will take you to the castle entrance.



The castle tour cost us EUR 7. However, this is the price for schoolchildren, students and people with disabilities. Otherwise, admission costs EUR 11.

Tickets are available from the tourist office at the entrance to the inner courtyard of Eltz Castle. Incidentally, you can also see the inner courtyard without a tour. However, we wanted to discover the inside of the castle and that is not possible without the castle tour.


A beautiful forest path leads from the parking lot to the castle. You can also take one of the many hikes to the castle. The official website of Eltz Castle provides a good overview of all the hiking options.



If you want to take the “perfect” Instagram photo, you need to get to the castle very early. Then the castle is not yet overrun by tourists and you might even be able to capture the morning mist.

Otherwise, it is very difficult to take great pictures, as countless tourists come to the castle. But if you're lucky, you might catch a quiet moment and still get a good photo!