New York

What to see & discover

Quick overview:

  • BROOKLYN BRIDGE with Brooklyn Bridge Park, Jane's Carousel, Brooklyn Heights Promenade and Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory
  • D.U.M.B.O. and Brooklyn Heights
  • VIEWPOINTS: Top of the Rock, Summit One Vanderbilt, One World Observatory, The Edge and Empire State Building
  • MUSEUMS: Metropolitan Museum of Art, Guggenheim Museum, American Museum of Natural History, Museum of Modern Art, Museum of the City of New York, New Museum of Contemporary Art, Museum of the Moving Image, Whitney Museum, Sea Air Space Museum, The Frick Collection, Center of Photography, Fotografiska
  • PARKS: Central Park, Prospect Park, Bryant Park, High Line, Paley Park, Pier 57 Rooftop Park, Little Island, Hudson River Greenway, Domino Park, Brooklyn Heights Promenade, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Liberty State Park, Empty Sky Memorial, Washington Square Park, New York Botanical Garden, Picnic Point on Governors Island, Battery Park, Brooklyn Botanic Garden and Gantry Plaza State Park
  • RUDERBOAT RIDE in Central Park
  • CHELSEA MARKET in the Meatpacking District
  • OTHER MARKETS: Urbanspace Food Market, Time Out Market, Eataly Markets, Turnstyle Underground Market, Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket, Brooklyn Flea Market and Chelsea Flea Market
  • STATUE OF LIBERTY and Staten Island Ferry
  • FINANCIAL DISTRICT with stock market bulls, Fearless Girl and Wall Street
  • UNKNOWN: Pier 15, Pier 35, Tudor City Bridge, Squibb Park Bridge, Tristan Eaton's graffiti, Columbia University, Coney Island Amusement Park, Grand Central Station, St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York Public Library, Ghostbuster's Headquarters, Morgan Library, The Vessel and Empty Sky Memorial
  • FREE NYC: New York Public Library, Staten Island Ferry, 9/11 Museum on Monday, live TV shows, Morgan Library & Museum on Friday, some performances at Lincoln Center, Brooklyn Brewery Tour, Governors Island Ferry on weekends before noon, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Jefferson Market Library, walking tour of Dyker Heights at Christmas time, Shakespeare in the Park in summer, movie nights in Bryant Park in summer, ice skating in Bryant Park in winter, kayaking at Pier 96 in summer and tap water at restaurants & bars
  • SPORTS EVENTS: Football, basketball, baseball & co.
  • BEACH TIME IN NYC: Far Rockaway Beach, Jacob's Riis Park and Long Island with the Hamptons
  • FIFTH AVENUE & SHOPPING in Soho, on Madison and Lexington Avenue or a well-known shopping center
  • OUT OF NYC: Washington and Boston or Upstate New York
  • BACK TO THE 50s with jazz in the West Village
  • A FEW LAST TIPS: Chinatown, Governors Island and a ferry ride

& now more in detail...

Brooklyn Bridge

Probably the most popular districts in New York are Brooklyn and Manhattan. And it is precisely these that are connected by the Brooklyn Bridge - probably the most famous bridge in the world. At the time of its completion in 1883, the bridge was considered the longest suspension bridge in the world.

Today, the Brooklyn Bridge is no longer just a transportation bridge, it has become a tourist attraction. The best way to explore it is on foot. Walk across the bridge from Manhattan to Brooklyn and back again and enjoy the magnificent view of the skyline.

You can also get a nice view of Manhattan from Brooklyn Bridge Park, which is located at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge. In addition to a beautiful view, you will also find an old carousel in the park: Jane's Carousel. After a short ride on the carousel, you can make your way to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade and watch the sunset over Manhattan with an ice cream from the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory in your hand.

Tip: Be sure to keep your eyes open as you walk across the bridge. The two towers of the bridge are regularly used as nesting sites by peregrine falcons. Maybe you'll spot one!


When you cross the Brooklyn Bridge, you will end up in the “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass” (D.U.M.B.O.) neighborhood in Brooklyn on your left. This popular neighborhood is located right between the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge. If you are looking for a good restaurant or café, then I can recommend you come to D.U.M.B.O.. Here you will find the hippest restaurants in great, historic brownstone houses! One of the most famous addresses is Grimaldi's Pizza, where you can eat large, delicious coal-fired pizzas.

You also have a great view of the Manhattan skyline from the banks of the East River. You can also walk along the riverbank directly to Brooklyn Heights. Alongside D.U.M.B.O., Brooklyn Heights is one of the most affluent neighborhoods in Brooklyn. In the old industrial buildings of D.U.M.B.O. you will find stylish lofts with a view of Manhattan, while Brooklyn Heights is characterized by cute townhouses.

In both D.U.M.B.O. and Brooklyn Heights, you'll notice a certain serenity that attracts many artists, writers and copywriters. It is precisely these people who characterize this area and give it its fantastic charm.

Rockefeller Center

The Rockefeller Center is a large building complex in Manhattan. It is home to the Radio City Music Hall concert hall, the NBC radio station, several law firms, stores and much more.

However, the main attraction is the Top of the Rock roof terrace on the 70th floor of the Rockefeller Center. From there, you have an impressive 360-degree view of the city that never sleeps. You can buy tickets online or at the Rockefeller Center ticket office. However, you should expect to wait in line. A ticket costs around 40 US dollars.

By the way: Rockefeller Center is particularly famous in winter for its ice skating rink and huge Christmas tree. So if you come to New York around Christmas time, the Rockefeller Center is a must!

Summit One Vanderbilt

The Summit One Vanderbilt is the newest viewing platform in New York and I think it's the best! I love the view from the Top of the Rock. But the view from the Summit is similar and it offers much more besides.

First, a mirror room awaits you, which makes the view look even more magnificent. Then you end up in a room full of large silver balloons, which is a very popular photo spot! The other rooms in the Summit also have a lot to offer. And I've never seen toilets with such a good view. For me, the Summit is therefore the best value for money when it comes to New York's observation decks.

You can buy your tickets for the Summit here.

One World Observatory

The One World Observatory is located on the 100th to 102nd floors of the One World Trade Center. For a long time I thought that the view from there wouldn't be worth it, as One World is at the lowest end of Manhattan.

Nevertheless, I booked a ticket for the platform and was amazed by the view! As you can see, One World is the tallest building in the city. The view from the height and from the location is very different from the viewing platforms in Midtown.

However, I particularly liked the fact that we were there at sunset. The light of the setting sun made the view even more special. So book your ticket for the sunset at One World Observatory here.

The Edge

The Edge is also a newer viewing platform that you've probably seen on Instagram before. Its pointed shapes make it a good photo spot.

So I also took the opportunity to take some cool photos. However, I personally wasn't that blown away by The Edge. Unfortunately, the special shape of the viewing platform doesn't really come into its own with the masses of people up there.

However, the view from The Edge is very different from the others in Midtown. It therefore offers a different view of the city. You also have the option of hovering above the viewing platform and the city on a rope.

Tickets can be purchased here.


The Empire State Building is considered the flagship skyscraper. It was originally the tallest building in the world and was the tallest building in New York for a long time. The national monument derives its name from a nickname of the city of New York (“The Empire State”). The special thing about the skyscraper is that it was built within a very short construction period (1930 to 1931). It is also characterized by its large antenna, which gives the building, which is actually 381m high, a height of 443m.

The Empire State Building is located in Midtown Manhattan on 5th Avenue. Most of the Empire State Building is used for commercial purposes, but there are publicly accessible viewing platforms on the 86th and 102nd floors, for which you can book tickets here. I was often told that the view from up there was not worth it, as the building itself would be missing from the view of the city. However, I still really liked the view from the Empire - especially at sunset!

One World Trade Center & 9/11 Memorial

I was just five years old on September 11, 2001. And yet I remember that very day. I came home from kindergarten and my dad was sitting in front of the TV - frozen. Because two planes had just flown into the towers of the World Trade Center. The terrorist attack cost the lives of thousands of people.

Where the two towers of the World Trade Center once stood, on the so-called Ground Zero, there is now a memorial: the 9/11 Memorial. Right next to it is New York's tallest building: One World Trade Center. The impressive building was erected in response to the terrorist attacks. Both the memorial and the skyscraper are intended to commemorate the terrible events of September 2001 and are symbolic of the common fight against terrorism!

However, the 9/11 Museum is particularly worthwhile, where you can learn more about the terrorist attack and the World Trade Center. Be sure to bring time and nerves of steel, as the exhibition can be quite depressing.


Speaking of museums: New York has an incredible number of museums and art galleries to offer! You could spend weeks visiting them all. Since you won't have time for this on a regular basis, you should probably limit yourself to the most important museums. These include the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Met) - the largest art museum in the USA. The Met has one of the most important art history collections in the world! After your visit to the Met, you can walk straight over to the Guggenheim Museum of Modern Art. Then head through Central Park to the American Museum of Natural History. Here you can immerse yourself in the history of mankind from the Stone Age to the Space Age. You should also make a detour to the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). At MoMA, you will find one of the most important collections of modern art.

The Museum of the City of New York is particularly interesting for Gossip Girl fans, as it served as the filming location for the Constance Billard School. Other popular museums include the New Museum of Contemporary Art, the Museum of the Moving Image, the Whitney Museum, the Sea Air Space Museum, The Frick Collection and the Center of Photography. I also liked the Fotografiska, where events are always taking place on the top floor.

By the way: some museums offer free admission or pay-what-you-wish on certain days. So find out before your visit whether you can get into the museum at a reduced price. If, like me, you live in New York, you can get the Library Card, which gives you a “CulturePass”. This gives you free entry to some museums and other cultural institutions.

If you'd rather visit an art gallery than a museum, then head to Brooklyn, Chelsea or SoHo. You'll find several galleries here.


No one associates New York with nature. Yet the city has more greenery to offer than you might think. First and foremost is Central Park, New York's green lung. It is 350 hectares in size: 4km long and 860m wide. The park is located in the heart of Manhattan and offers an oasis of calm in the otherwise turbulent city. In addition to several lakes, there are extensive meadows, several fountains and interesting buildings. You can also find a quiet corner here and there where you can be on your own.

But everyone knows Central Park, and usually only Central Park. But New York has so many more beautiful parks to offer, such as Prospect Park in Brooklyn! A visit to the park is especially worthwhile on Saturdays, when you can take a short walk to the Farmers Market Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket!

One of my favorite parks is Bryant Park. In summer, New York students who have previously studied at the New York Public Library meet here to wind down after a day of studying. From June to August, the HBO Film Festival takes place in the park! Every Monday evening, a classic movie is shown free of charge in the open air. In winter, you will find the Winter Village in the park, probably the most beautiful Christmas market in New York.

There is also a park in New York that feels like home to me. Because in my home town of Wuppertal, we have two well-known routes. These are old railroad lines that are no longer used and have therefore been converted into beautiful walking paths. New York also has such a route: the High Line! Where freight trains once ran through the city, a 2.33 km long route now runs through New York. The special thing about the High Line is that, as its name suggests, it is at a height of 7.5 meters above the ground. This gives you a good view of the old buildings around it.

But there are so many other places to take a little break in New York! Paley Park is less of a real park, but a small oasis of calm. It's perfect for a coffee break to escape the hustle and bustle of the city! It's best to find a bench by the waterfall in the park. Similarly special is Pier 57 Rooftop Park, from where you have a beautiful view of the architecturally interesting Little Island. Both are located on the Hudson River Greenway.

Domino Park, the Brooklyn Heights Promenade and Brooklyn Bridge Park as well as Liberty State Park (New Jersey) with the Empty Sky Memorial are particularly suitable for sunsets. And if you think I've now listed all of New York's parks. Oh no, there's also Washington Square Park, the New York Botanical Garden, Picinic Point on Governors Island, Battery Park, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Gantry Plaza State Park and so many more. The parks all have one thing in common: they offer a break from the otherwise hectic city.

Times Square & Broadway

Who doesn't know it? The New York Times Square. A place of absolute sensory overload. Because the walls of the buildings at the intersection of Broadway and Seventh Avenue are lined with huge, illuminated billboards. On the one hand, this spectacle of light is impressive to see, but on the other, it's a strain on your eyes. And the crowds of tourists can sometimes drive me crazy. But you should definitely have seen Times Square at least once!

Times Square forms the center of the Broadway theater district in Manhattan. That's why around 40 theaters are lined up in and around Times Square. If you have an evening to spare, you should definitely catch a performance. I have discovered a new hobby for myself here and have seen a wide variety of plays and musicals. If you're looking for cheap tickets, just take a look at! There you will also find links for the so-called lotteries: Here you can take part for free and “win” tickets with usually very good seats. The prize is not free, but you only pay a very low price for the tickets.

Otherwise, Times Square is surrounded by fashion chains, fast food outlets, souvenir stores and cinemas. But you will also find high-end restaurants. MTV, Sony and Vogue also have their offices in Times Square.

By the way: on New Year's Eve, Times Square hosts the biggest NYE party in the city with the famous “ball drop”. So if you're in New York for the New Year, either celebrate here or deliberately avoid Times Square. From early in the morning, the intersection is already overcrowded with everyone who wants to reserve a spot for the NYE spectacle! Every New Yorker has advised me not to do this. Instead, find an alternative and watch the ball drop on TV.


In New York, I took a helicopter flight for the first time in my life - with the doors open, over the rooftops of NYC. And what can I say: it's a once-in-a-lifetime experience! I'm so glad I did it and would do it again (if it wasn't so expensive). So if you come to New York one day, you should save some money in advance for this unforgettable experience! 10/10 recommended!

Tip: There are several providers for helicopter flights, mostly based in New Jersey. We chose Heliflights because they still have reasonable prices and, according to my friend, the tour was better than the one she did with another provider. I also really liked the service. Perhaps the only disadvantage is that the airport is quite far out of town, but it's still easy to get to by train. I can definitely recommend Heliflights!


For a special break, take the ferry to Governors Island and visit the QC Spa. The spa has several saunas and relaxation rooms. The highlight, however, is the outdoor pool. While you sit in the warm water, you can really switch off with a view of the Manhattan skyline.

The spa was so well thought out and comfortably furnished that you can escape the stresses of everyday life. The view of the skyline is always omnipresent. The only drawback: Americans have much cooler saunas than us Germans. It was more warm than hot.

ride the ROWING BOAT

When a friend asked me if we wanted to go on a little rowing boat trip in Central Park, I said yes, but didn't expect too much. I thought it might be very touristy and therefore perhaps less charming. But I was happily surprised; in a good way. Our boat trip was one of my highlights in New York!

I did the boat trip with two friends. But we all agreed: if you pack a little picnic, the rowboat tour in Central Park is a perfect date!

It's not even that expensive, we paid 20 dollars for an hour boat ride. The boats can't be reserved but are allocated on a first come, first served basis, so you'd better get there early to avoid a long wait!

Chelsea Market

Once a neighborhood market, Chelsea Local Market is now one of the largest indoor food and retail markets in the world. It has long since ceased to be an ordinary food market. The market halls are located in the heart of New York's Meatpacking District. In addition to first-class food vendors and food stalls, there is also an artists' market as well as fashion and interior design marketplaces. There's actually a bit of everything!

I was particularly taken with the jewelry stalls at the artists' market. You can buy beautiful unique pieces there! So if you want a souvenir of your New York vacation, Chelsea Market is a good place to go. It's just that the market has become very popular, so it's better to go there outside of peak times.

But Chelsea Market is not the only place worth visiting. The entire Meatpacking District has developed considerably in recent years, so it's definitely worth a detour! The best thing to do is just stroll around and let yourself be surprised! From here, you can also take a detour to the High Line - which is just around the corner.

Other Markets

Do you like markets like Chelsea Market or other markets? Then you're in luck, because there are plenty of them in New York!

On the one hand, New York has several other food markets to offer in addition to Chelsea Market. These include the Urbanspace Food Market, the Time Out Market and the Eataly Markets. The least known, however, is the Turnstyle Underground Market, a real insider tip!

If you prefer to buy fresh food, you should visit one of the Greenmarkets. A good one is the Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket, which takes place every Saturday from 8 am to 3 pm.

New York also has a few flea markets to offer. The most popular addresses for this are the Brooklyn Flea Market and the Chelsea Flea Market. They are always held on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am to 5 pm.

Statue of Liberty

One of New York's most famous sights is the Statue of Liberty. It was once donated to the United States by France and now stands on Liberty Island in New York Harbor. If you want to visit the Statue of Liberty, there are several options. For example, you can just take the ferry to Liberty Island and admire the statue from below. However, if you want to get a little closer to Lady Liberty, you can buy a ticket for the pedestal or even for access to the statue's crown.

However, I don't think it's worth visiting the Statue of Liberty. You can save yourself the money and take the free Staten Island Ferry. It sails past the Statue of Liberty so that you can take a look at it - at no cost at all. Admittedly, you won't get really close to the statue, but you will get a good view.

Incidentally, Staten Island is one of the five boroughs of New York that is often neglected by tourists. The island is characterized by a lot of nature, so you can easily escape the hustle and bustle of the city here. There is now also a Ferris wheel on Staten Island, from which you can get a great view of New York.

Roosevelt Island Tram

Want to soar over the Big Apple? Then I've got something for you! Because the Roosevelt Island Tramway lets you float over Manhattan to Roosevelt Island. And you'll also be traveling on a historic means of transport. The 1976 tramway is the oldest of the original three (now only two) aerial tramways in North America!

The tramway system was completely renovated in 2010 so that it can continue to take you safely to the island. Incidentally, the ride on the cable car is included in the price of the public transport ticket. So if you have a day or weekly ticket, you pay nothing for the Roosevelt Island Tramway. Otherwise, you simply have to buy a normal one-way ticket, which is not very expensive.

On Roosevelt Island, you can then take a short walk to the Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms State Park. Afterwards, you can reward yourself with a drink in the rooftop bar “Panorama Bar”. From here you have a beautiful view of the Manhattan skyline.

Financial District

As New York is considered the world's financial center, millions of visitors to New York are drawn to the Financial District every year. Naturally, a detour to the stock market bull and the Fearless Girl is part of this. The statue of the little girl is intended to draw attention to the (still) male-dominated world of finance and symbolize a new beginning.

Some of the most impressive buildings are located in the Financial District. It is therefore interesting for every visitor to stroll through the district and admire the impressive architecture. It is best to take the subway to the Wall Street stop and start your little stroll through America's financial world from there.

Less Known

There are some places in New York that are less well-known and less crowded, but are still very worthwhile!

On the East River, for example, there are cool spots to sit and relax by the water, such as Pier 15 and Pier 35. The Tudor City Bridge or Squibb Park Bridge are particularly beautiful for sunset. And in Little Italy you'll find some graffiti by Tristan Eaton.

If you have some time to spare, it's worth heading either to Columbia University or a little further afield: to the old school amusement park Coney Island.

The Grand Central Station, St. Patrick's Cathedral and the gigantic New York Public Library are a little more central and easier to reach. If you've seen Ghostbusters, you might also like the Ghostbuster's Headquarters, which is still used as a fire station.

I also really liked the Morgan Library. I also find The Vessel architecturally very interesting. However, the Empty Sky Memorial is probably a bigger insider tip. This is located in New Jersey and not in New York. But from there you have a magnificent view of the Manhattan skyline. Take a picnic with you and enjoy the sunset from there.

NYC For Free

New York is expensive! That's why I was always happy about the free things in New York. And luckily there were more of them than I thought. So that you can get around for less, I'd like to introduce them to you here:

  • Visit and guided tour of the New York Public Library
  • Cruise on the Staten Island Ferry past the Statue of Liberty
  • Admission to the 9/11 Museum on Monday (reservation required in advance)
  • Live recordings of shows (e.g. Jimmy Fallon's or Seth Meyer's Tonight Show); tickets can be booked here
  • Admission to the Morgan Library & Museum on Fridays from 5 to 7 p.m. (reservations required) (and admission to the library only on Tuesdays and Sundays from 3 to 5 p.m.)
  • Some performances at Lincoln Center (find more information here)
  • Brooklyn Brewery Tour on Sunday from 1 to 6 pm
  • Ride on the Governors Island Ferry on weekends before noon
  • Admission to St. Patrick's Cathedral
  • Admission to the Jefferson Market Library
  • Admission to the Vessel (currently closed)
  • Walk through Dyker Heights to see the Christmas lights (after Thanksgiving through NYE)
  • Shakespeare in the Park during the summer
  • Movie nights in Bryant Park during the summer
  • Ice skating in Bryant Park in the winter (you only pay to rent the equipment if you don't have your own)
  • Kayaking at Pier 96 on the Hudson River in the summer
  • Tap water at every restaurant and bar
  • Find out even more on @nyc_forfree!

Sports Events

No matter which sporting event I went to, it was always a highlight! If it wasn't so expensive, I would go to a football or basketball game every week. I just love the atmosphere and the excitement that comes with it. And if you're lucky, you might even meet new friends at the stadium!

The good thing is that New York offers many opportunities for sporting events, as there are usually at least two great teams for each sport! So for American football you can watch either the Giants or the Jets, for basketball either the Knicks or the Nets, and so on...

My highlights were the American football games I saw at MetLife Stadium. I like the sport anyway, but the whole atmosphere blew me away! It was especially cool to experience the pre-game tailgating in the parking lot when everyone is grilling, drinking and playing games! However, if tickets are too expensive for you, check out college football games. They are cheaper, but the atmosphere there is incomparably good!

The US Open also takes place in New York every September. One of the four Grand Slams. We managed to get cheap tickets for the tournament in 2023 - luckily! The atmosphere was gigantic. You can spend the whole day on the large tournament grounds without getting bored. In addition to the games, there are a number of activity stands, stores and plenty of food and drink stalls. My recommendation: If you have the opportunity to visit the US Open, go for it!

Beach time in NYC

Did you know you can go to the beach in NYC? There are actually several options. One beach that is close to the city but still beautiful is Far Rockaway Beach. I prefer the part next to Jacob's Riis Park.

If you have a little more time, you should check out Long Island with its beautiful beaches. We were in Southhampton and it was beautiful! The sand was so white. And I really enjoyed strolling through the Hamptons with all the beautiful houses.

Definitely plan a beach day when you visit New York on warmer days.


The easiest way to get from A to B in New York is by subway. And in my opinion, taking the subway is an experience in itself. Because the trains are very different from those in Europe. They are real “tin boxes”. Most of the subway stations are very dark and not exactly modern. But that also adds a certain flair. And then the people on the subway often make for a special experience!

You can either get a monthly/weekly ticket or a rechargeable Subway Card from the ticket machine. Or you can register your credit card with OMNY and present it every time you enter the Subway. With OMNY, your card will only be charged from Monday to Monday until you reach the weekly fare. By the way, there is free WIFI at almost all Subway stations!

Insider tip: The “City Hall” subway station - the first subway station in New York - was closed back in 1945! It has not been used since then. So that you can still see the (beautiful) station, I have a little insider tip for you! If you take the 6 line towards Brooklyn Bridge and just stay seated at the last station, you will pass the abandoned station! This is because the 6 line turns here to head back towards Manhattan, passing the old station on the way. You can also book a tour to the station, but this is very expensive and you can only take part if you are a registered member of the Transit Museum community and make a reservation.


Are you in New York and in the mood for shopping? Then head to Fifth Avenue - probably the most famous shopping street in the world. Here, stores of the most famous brands are lined up next to each other.

But there are many other shopping addresses! The SoHo district (south of Broadway) is particularly popular. Here you will not only find art galleries, but also designer boutiques and chic branches of fashion chains. Personally, I also really liked the stores on Madison and Lexington Avenue. If you're more in the mood for a shopping center, there are two places you definitely shouldn't miss: Bloomingdale's and Macy's in Herald Square. But Hudson Yards The Shops is also a good shopping center. You will also find a shopping center at One World Trade Center: Westfield Mall! Opposite is the next one: Brookfield Place.

If you prefer not to store at the well-known brands and chains, then head to Chelsea Market! Or do you just want to buy the big brands, but at a reasonable price? Then try a flea market or the vintage stores, of which there are several in the East Village and Williamsburg. Alternatively, head to the Jersey Gardens Outlet or the Woodbury Common Premium Outlet. No matter what you want to buy, there are plenty of opportunities to store!

Getting OUT OF NYC

I don't think you'll ever get bored in NYC. But there are many other places worth seeing that you can easily reach by train or bus from NYC!

Washington, DC - It only takes 4 hours by bus and 3 hours by train to get to DC, which is comparatively short for the US. And let me tell you, it's worth it. You can even take the bus or train to DC early in the morning and back to NYC in the evening. However, I would recommend taking a little more time in DC because there is so much to see!

Boston - You can get to Boston in 4 hours by bus and 3 1/2 hours by train from NYC. Believe me, this wonderful city is worth a visit! I really liked Boston because it has a certain flair, somehow quiet and yet it feels like the city is filled with so many young people. You also have the opportunity to visit Havard University!

Cold Springs/ Upstate New York - If you want a shorter train ride, you can easily visit a place in Upstate New York. We chose Cold Springs, where we took a nice hike and visited the cute little center. Everything there felt so “typically” American. I liked it very much!

There are many other places that are worth visiting! The Catskill Mountains, for example, are a popular hiking area. In winter, there are also many places in New York State where you can go skiing, such as the Catamount Mountain Resort. But decide for yourself what you fancy.

Back to the 50th

If you want to soak up the flair of New York from the 50s, then head to the West Village or Harlem! There are still several jazz clubs here today where jazz musicians perform and make for a special evening.


If you want to discover the city that never sleeps off the beaten track, then you should sign up for the Big Apple Greeter program. Here, real New Yorkers are placed with tourists to show them the city from their perspective! The program is especially good if you are traveling alone. Then you'll have a new friend at your side!


New York has so much to offer that I didn't even see everything I wanted to see in three months! That's why tourists tend to overload their days in the city. However, I would advise you not to do exactly that!

What makes the city special are the many events that take place there every day. That's why you should always leave room for spontaneous, unexpected experiences. For example, a friend of mine happened to walk into an event with the Nets basketball players and had the opportunity to meet the players. My brother and I were walking along the East River in the evening when we suddenly discovered a silent party on the pier with a view of the skyline. And so on.

If you want to experience New York, then these moments are part of it. Because one thing is definitely true of New York: the unexpected often happens - in a positive sense!


If you want to drift off into other cultures, Chinatown is the place to go. The neighborhood is located in the area around Canal Street, Doyers Street, Pell Street and Moot Street in Manhattan. Here you will not only find many Asian stores, but also many Asians themselves! However, you'll find an even better atmosphere in Queens' Chinatown in Flushing!

A real insider tip is Governors Island. You can only reach this small island by ferry! After leaving Manhattan behind from the ferry terminal, a quiet, car-free island awaits you!

Talking about ferries: Ferries are a great way to get to know New York in a different way.

My favorite thing about New York was just walking around freely and letting the city work its magic on me. So put on some comfortable shoes and just go for it! I discovered some great things, like a second-hand bookshop. Generally speaking, by strolling around you also discover corners that are perhaps not quite so touristy, but rather give New York its special charm. Depending on how long you are in New York, you should take a full day where you don't do any special sightseeing, but just let yourself drift! Most visitors to New York are drawn to Manhattan and Brooklyn. However, the other three boroughs of New York City are no less interesting. That's why a trip to Queens, Staten Island or the Bronx is worthwhile! Queens and the Bronx are the perfect addresses, especially for the foodies among you! In Queens you will find the authentic Chinatown, while in the Bronx you can feast your way through the real Little Italy.

I have put together a list of the most important places and sights in and around New York on Google Maps.

You can find the list here.