Sailing around the Cyclades


Before I tell you all about what we discovered and did, I would like to make one thing clear: Every sailing trip will be different. You will never have the guarantee that you will see a certain place. This is because the sailing route is not only adapted to the interests of those sailing with you, but also to the weather. And you can't influence that. For example, we had so much wind for the first few days that we couldn't sail too much because the high waves were simply too strenuous for us newcomers. And then suddenly our sail broke (sounds worse than it is!), so we had to go to Paros to have it repaired. So unexpected things can always happen, so there's no guarantee that you'll see the same places we did!

Relaxed in beautiful bays

On our sailing trip, we repeatedly stopped in beautiful bays. Here we relaxed on deck, went snorkeling and swimming and simply had a relaxing time. I particularly liked Paralia Kolona on Kythnos. The special thing about this bay is that the beach is surrounded by water on two sides, so it's like a bridge between two hills. There's a restaurant on one side and a church on the other. And if you climb up one of the hills (any hill), you have a wonderful view (especially good for the sunset!).

Explored lonely islands

In addition to quiet bays, we also discovered one or two “lonely” islands. Didimi, for example. Of course, it's not really a deserted island, but there is no other building here apart from a lighthouse and the island can only be reached by boat! However, the next island is not far away, as Siros is only a stone's throw away. It is therefore worth exploring Siros and the port of Ermoupoli. The town is very different to all the other towns we saw on our trip.

Visited sweet little places

We were able to explore the cutest little villages on our trip. I particularly liked Parikia on Paros. Here we had the absolute Greek flair as we walked through the picture-book alleyways with the white houses, the blue stores and the pink flowers. In addition, the cute boutiques and cafés simply invited us to linger.

Paddled around with the SUP

We also had a SUP on board our sailing yacht, so we were always able to go on short SUP tours. My trip was particularly nice when we anchored at Loutra on Kythnos. The sun had just risen and I was able to explore a small fishing village in the first light of day... Simply beautiful! As well as SUP tours, Loutra is also a great place for dinner.

Enjoyed the most delicious food

We always ate well, both on board and ashore. We often cooked ourselves, but now and again we also went out to eat, e.g. on Kythnos or Paros. One restaurant will certainly remain in our memories: Tomortari. A family restaurant on Paros that simply had the best octopus we've ever eaten!

I have put together a list of places on Google Maps.

You can find the list here.