When you think of Belgium, Brussels and the EU are the first things that come to mind? No wonder. Because nothing characterizes Belgium as much as the headquarters of the EU. But Belgium has so much more to offer: Endless beaches, medieval towns, Renaissance architecture and, above all, nice people!

Destinations in Belgium:




Belgium's capital is Brussels.


The national languages are Dutch (Flemish), French and German. However, most people also understand or speak English.



In Belgium, payments are made in euros.


Entry & Visas

Belgium is a member of the EU, which is why EU citizens do not require a visa. In addition, there are generally no border controls within the EU. You only need to carry your identity card with you.


Central European Time (UTC+1) applies.


Credit cards & ATMs

There are ATMs almost everywhere, and you can actually pay by card everywhere.


Best time to visit

It depends on what you have in mind. Mid-December to mid-March are best for skiing. The summer months are better for hiking. City trips are possible all year round.



A national driving license is sufficient for EU citizens. The road network is well developed and the roads are usually in good condition. The traffic signs and rules are largely standardized within Europe.

The speed limits are 120 km/h on freeways and motorways, 90 km/h outside built-up areas and 50 km/h within built-up areas. The blood alcohol limit is 0.5 per mille.

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If you have a phone contract from the EU or the Schengen area, you do not pay any roaming charges. You can use your phone at the same rate as at home.