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Hi, i'm Chiara!

And I'm happy that you stopped by my (travel) blog! Here you get the best travel tips - just like a travel guide, but with a personal touch. Scroll down to see what's there to discover.


Travel Diary

Do you search some travel inspiration? Or are you planning a trip and need travel tip for your destination? Then you've come to the right place!


It's not all about travel! That's why I have a normal diary to bring order to my chaotic everyday life and give you advice on my favorite topics.

Packing Lists

I have created packing lists for my trips. If you need help packing, you are welcome to download them, so you won't forget anything anymore!

Newest Blogpost:

Travel made easy: My tips for optimal travel planning

If there's one thing I've become a pro at through my many trips, it's travel planning! Because no matter who I'm traveling with, I usually do most of the planning. After all, I'm passionate about it, which my friends and family often gratefully accept. Friends and acquaintances are now asking me more and more often if I can give them tips on planning their own trips. In the meantime, I was already thinking that I might soon open my own travel agency. No, fun! It certainly wouldn't be a bad idea, after all, I'm passionate about everything to do with planning and organization, and travel is my great passion anyway. But until then, here are my travel planning tips for you!