Particularly popular destinations in Zuid-Holland are Scheveningen, Katwijk and Zandvoort. But Noordwijk and the adjacent Noordwijkerhout also have a lot to offer. Whether it's a walk along the beach, a bike ride through the tulip fields, a shopping trip in the small but charming town center or a day at the beach followed by dinner at Tulum - Noordwijk is worth it! And by the way, you often end up getting away cheaper than on the beach in The Hague.



I've been to Noordwijk several times now and each time I'm impressed anew by this Dutch town right by the sea! Whether for a day or a week - a visit to Noordwijk and the surrounding area is worth it! But no matter how long you're in Noordwijk, one destination is always a must: the Tulum beach bar. Because the atmosphere there is amazing! When you sit at Tulum, you have the feeling of being far away - especially far away from the stress of everyday life! It's all the better that the food and drinks there are also super tasty (and healthy)! That's why Tulum is my heartfelt recommendation to you!

And I have a second favorite place. The restaurant Como & Co in Noordwijkerhout. It's located on the Oosterduinse Meer, which is more of a lake than a sea. The lake is definitely a good plan B if it's too windy on the beach and you can go for a great walk in the whole area around the Oosterduinse Meer!

What else should you see in Noordwijk? I'll tell you right away...

xx Chiara


What to Discover

  1. Enjoy breakfast and/or dinner at Tulum
  2. Stroll through the dunes of Noordwijkerhout
  3. Take a trip to Leiden
  4. Take a walk around the Oosterduinse Meer
  5. Take a trip to The Hague
  6. Eat delicious food at Como & Co
  7. Take a long and extended walk on the beach
  8. Do a little shopping in the center of Noordwijk
  9. Visit the weekly market in Noordwijkerhout
  10. Extra: The perfect day in Noordwijk


You can park for free almost everywhere at the entrances to the dune hiking trails in the direction of Noordwijkerhout. However, you will have to walk a bit if you don't want to be off the beaten track on the beach. Depending on where you park, it's a 20 to 30-minute walk to Strandopgang 21 with the beach bars of Noordwijk.

Alternatively, you can buy a day ticket for €10 from one of the parking ticket machines at Strandopgang 21.


The following costs are calculated for a day trip. If you want to stay overnight in Noordwijk, the accommodation costs will be added.

  • Fuel tank for the trip (there and back): 80€
  • Breakfast at Como & Co: 10€ p.p.
  • French fries at Kohle Costa: 3€ (with frikandel 3€ more)
  • Dinner at Tulum with drinks: approx. 25€ p.p.
  • Cocktail at Branding Beach Club: approx. 10€ p.p.

I have put together a list of all the places on Google Maps.

You can find the list here.

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