What to see & discover

The most famous

Sights in amman


The mountain “Jebel El-Qala” is lined with numerous old Roman buildings. The citadel and the Temple of Hercules are particularly well preserved and are therefore Amman's main attractions. Entry is free with the JordanPass.


Rainbow Street is named after the old Rainbow Cinema. It is a modern district and therefore very popular with young people. You will find a range of cafés and restaurants here, as well as art galleries and start-ups.


The Roman amphitheater is the largest surviving monument from Roman times in Amman. Performances are still held here today. Entry is free with the JordanPass.


The King Abdullah Mosque is one of the most important mosques in Amman. The building's blue dome is particularly striking and gives it a special charm.


The Nymphaeum was built in the second century AD. It is the largest surviving magnificent fountain from ancient times.


The King Hussein Bin Talar Mosque is the largest mosque in Jordan. This is also reflected in its location, as the mosque is enthroned on a hill and thus watches over the capital.

Special things

To-Do in Amman

Visit one of the markets and spice stores

Amman has so many market stalls and stores selling all kinds of spices. You simply have to stop by and buy one of the good spices for home!

Relax in a Turkish bath

If you like going to the spa, then a Turkish bath in Amman is just the right experience for you. Women and men are divided into different rooms!

Mix your own perfume

In addition to spice stores, you will also come across perfumeries surprisingly often. So take a look in one, you'll find your favorite perfume for a small price. Or you can mix your own fragrance!

Take an Arabic cooking lesson

Would you like to know how all the delicacies you eat every day in Jordan are prepared? Then book a cooking lesson in Amman! Beit Sitti is said to be a particularly good place for this.

The neighborhoods

of Amman

Amman is divided into many different neighborhoods. Here is a brief overview of the most popular neighborhoods:


The historic center of Amman is a must-see during your visit. Al-Balad is home to many important sights, such as the citadel and the Roman amphitheater, as well as a number of souks and markets.


Some of Amman's most expensive houses are located in Abdoun. But there are also many bars, restaurants and nightclubs in this affluent district.


Here you are in a part of Amman's old town that has been revitalized with new restaurants, cheaper bars and lots of live music. This has given the district a modern edge, which mainly attracts expats.


Shmeisani is probably the most modern part of Amman. You'll mainly find unusual things there.

Al Hussein Park

If you need some peace and quiet from the bustling city, then visit this public park. It offers many leisure facilities such as tennis courts, soccer and basketball facilities as well as a few museums.