Enjoy breakfast and/or dinner at Tulum

Tulum is a beach bar at Strandopgang 21 in Noordwijk. The restaurant has a small but extremely good menu, which mainly contains healthy dishes (“soul food”). The drinks are also fantastic. So you definitely have to stop by here!

Walk through the dunes of Noordwijkerhout

I could walk for hours through the dunes of Noordwijkerhout and feel the sand on my feet. Because with the sound of the sea in your ears and the fresh air in your nose, you can really relax. What's more, the dune landscape is beautiful!

Take a trip to Leiden

If you're ever in the area, you should definitely make a detour to Leiden! The city is very charming. With its many small canals, it feels like you're strolling through a little Amsterdam. Here you can experience Holland at its best.

Stroll around the Oosterduinse Meer

Just outside Noordwijkerhout is the Oosterduinse Meer swimming lake. If you need a change from the beach, the Oosterduinse Meer offers a good alternative. You can also take a short walk there, so you should make a stop at the lake!

Make a trip to The Hague

Besides Amsterdam, there is one city in the Netherlands that you should definitely have seen: The Hague. Too good that it's not too far from Noordwijk! Take a stroll through the city's alleyways, explore the Peace Palace or breathe in the sea air in Scheveningen...

Delicious food at Como & Co

If you're at the Oosterduinse Meer, make a detour to Como & Co! The food tastes great, the atmosphere is great and the staff are very friendly! Como & Co is a particularly good place for dinner. But it's also worth a visit for a coffee with a view of the lake!

Long, extended walk on the beach

There's something calming about the sea for me. That's why a long, long walk on the beach relaxes me like nothing else in the world. And you can do this particularly well in Zuid-Holland with its endless beaches! Give it a try too!

Shopping tour in Noordwijk city center

The Noordwijk city center may not be big, but it's still worth a little shopping trip. The selection of clothes and decorations is much nicer than ours! However, if you want to do some real shopping, The Hague or Leiden are probably more suitable.

Visit the weekly market in Noordwijkerhout

Every Monday there is a small weekly market in Noordwijkerhout. The market is nothing special, but you can buy some fresh delicacies here! So before you go home, you can stock up on groceries there.

I have put together a list of all the places on Google Maps.

You can find the list here.

The perfect day in Noordwijk

Breakfast at Como & Co

Then off to the beach and soak up the sun

Dutch fries with frikandel special at Koele Costa for lunch

Then relax for a while

Then dinner at Tulum

After dinner, take a walk on the beach or sip a few cocktails at Branding Beach Club

And off home (but: don't drink and drive!)