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Steep Coast Stohl

On the coast of the village of Schwedeneck, just a 20-minute drive from Kiel, there is a breathtaking cliff! The Stohl cliffs are reminiscent of images you would otherwise only see in Ireland. A visit to the cliffs is therefore a must!

The easiest way to reach the coast is to park in the parking lot of the same name and walk about 5 minutes along a dirt road to the cliff steps. Here you can either continue your walk above the cliffs or venture down the steps to the beach. As the cliff stretches for several kilometers, you can plan a long walk and marvel at the incredible coastal formation!

Tip: It's worth coming here at sunrise or sunset! As the cliffs are located in the north, you hardly get any sun on the beach during the day. At sunrise, however, the sun smiles at you over the sea in the distance. At sunset, it disappears again behind the coast.

Laboe Beach

The beach at Laboe is to the people of Kiel what the Hamptons are to New Yorkers. Because the people of Kiel only have to drive out of the city for a short distance to enjoy the sun on the beach. And the best thing about it: Laboe is on the “sunny side” of the Kiel Fjord.

But you want to experience something more than just lazing on the beach? Then visit the naval memorial with the submarine U 995, take a walk through the dunes, skate along the promenade or hire a bike. You can also go on a short boat tour. You certainly won't get bored!

Laboe also has plenty of culinary delights. The town has several good fish restaurants to offer. Here, the fish is served fresh from the sea. And you can taste it! The fish cuisine right by Laboe harbor is particularly good. But the small food truck in the harbor also offers delicious fish snacks.

Top Sights

in Kiel & surrounding area

Kiel Fjord

The Kiel Fjord runs over 17 kilometers from Kiel into the Baltic Sea. The narrow fjord was once formed by glacial movements during the Ice Age. Today it shapes the image of Kiel and the surrounding area.

There are several seaside resorts along the fjord. However, the most famous section of the Kiel Fjord is in Kiel itself. Especially in summer, the people of Kiel like to enjoy a beer here after work. They either sit on the promenade or visit the cool restaurants and bars.

Tip: You can get a great view of the Kiel Fjord from the Horn Bridge!

Naval Memorial

One of Kiel's most famous sights is not actually in Kiel, but in Laboe. You can see the memorial from afar. The large tower looks out over the entire town.

The memorial is a reminder of the sailors of all nations who died at sea and calls for peaceful seafaring on open seas. You can find out about prices and opening times here.

Technical Museum U995

The submarine U995 with the Technical Museum is also at home in Laboe. It is located at the foot of the memorial. The U995 is a former war submarine that was used in the Second World War.

After the war, the submarine was handed over to the Norwegian Navy as a test and training boat until it was returned to Germany in 1965. Today, the submarine serves as a museum. You can find out about prices and opening times here.

Kiel City Hall & Opera House

Unfortunately, not much of Kiel's old town remained after the Second World War. Kiel's town hall was completely destroyed, apart from a few cellar vaults. However, after its reconstruction from 1945 to 1950, Kiel's town hall and opera house once again present a beautiful picture. The 106m high town hall tower is particularly impressive. From the platform of the tower, you can enjoy an incomparable view over the city on the fjord. You can find all the information here.

Hiroshima Park

We particularly liked Hiroshima Park during our short trip to Kiel. It is located on the Kleiner Kiel and is directly adjacent to the Ratsdienergarten.

The park is beautifully laid out, making it perfect for a short break. You also have an incomparable view of Kiel's town hall and opera house from the park. Afterwards, you can stroll over to the Ratsdienergarten, from where it's just a stone's throw to Kiel Castle.

Schreven Park

Schreven Park is not located directly in the city center, but is still quite central. It is home to a large pond, a playground, a picnic area, a small duck pond and a sports facility. So there is something for everyone.

I particularly liked the houses around Schreven Park. Here, one beautiful old building follows the next. Kiel must have been somewhat spared here during the Second World War.

Holtenauer Street

Holtenauer Street is lined with small boutiques and cute cafés. If you want to go shopping in Kiel and don't necessarily want to shop at the usual chains such as H&M and Zara, then Holtenauer Street is your address.

By the way: the further you get out of the city center, the more beautiful the buildings become. You'll find beautiful old buildings here too!

Bülker Lighthouse

The Bülker lighthouse is located on the Kieler Horn and lights the way for ships on the Baltic Sea into the Kiel Fjord.

The lighthouse looks cute and also offers refreshments in summer. You can also set off from the lighthouse on a hike to the Stuhl cliffs. The entire hike takes you directly along the sea. Really beautiful!


The Kiellinie is a promenade along the Kiel Fjord. It leads from the Kiel district of Düsternbrook to Wik. In the past, you could even admire the Gorch Fok here.

Especially in summer, the Kiellinie is a popular excursion destination for everyone in Kiel. But the promenade is particularly busy during Kiel Week, as you have a good view of all the events of the sailing regatta competition from here.

Kiel Maritime Museum

If you want to learn about the history of the maritime city of Kiel and its maritime connections around the world, then the Maritime Museum is the right place for you. The museum was built in the former fish auction hall on Sartorikai. Fish used to be sold here, but today you can (also) learn about the history of fishing. All information about opening times and prices can be found here.

Old Botanical Garden Kiel

Another nice park in Kiel is the Old Botanical Garden. Here you can admire different plant species from all over the world. In addition to the very old trees and shrubs, there is a variety of herbs and an extraordinary splendor of flowers. You can also relax by one of the ponds. The terrain is slightly hilly, which gives the park a special character.

Kiel Art Gallery

The Kunsthalle zu Kiel is the largest art museum in Schleswig-Holstein. It is home to works of art from the Dürer period to the present day. In addition to paintings and sculptures, there are also photographs and videos. All information on opening times and prices can be found here.

I have put together a list of all the places on Google Maps.

You can find the list here.