Kiel & surroundings

The state capital of Schleswig-Holstein is known as the “Sailing City”. This is because the largest sailing event in the world takes place here every summer: Kiel Week. It is not surprising that the people of Kiel love water sports. After all, Kiel thrives on its proximity to the water. That's why you can not only enjoy sailing here, but also spend a relaxing day on the beach at Laboe.



I never had any ideas about Kiel. That's why I never had the city on my travel bucket list. What I did have on my list, however, was the beach at Laboe and the Stohl cliffs. Both places are very close to Kiel.

So we went to Kiel (and the surrounding area) over Easter. Kiel itself didn't blow us away. The city isn't particularly beautiful and there isn't much to see. But there are a few nice neighborhoods and lots of good bakeries! We also had the feeling that Kiel lives from its people. However, we were there on Easter Sunday during the corona lockdown. So we didn't get to experience much of the hustle and bustle of Kiel. I would therefore recommend visiting Kiel in the summer, when the city wakes up from its winter hibernation!

But the surroundings were much more beautiful than the city itself! It's definitely worth coming here. But see for yourself...

xx Chiara


What to see & discover

  1. Steep Coast Stohl
  2. Laboe Beach
  3. Kiel Fjord
  4. Naval Memorial
  5. Technical Museum U995
  6. Kiel City Hall & Opera House
  7. Hiroshima Park
  8. Schreven Park
  9. Holtenauer Street
  10. Bülker Lighthouse
  11. Kiel Line
  12. Kiel Maritime Museum
  13. Old Botanical Garden Kiel
  14. Kiel Art Gallery

Where to eat

As we walked through Kiel, we were amazed at how many different and good bakeries there are! Two bakeries in particular stuck in our minds.

Restez! is a boulangerie and offers French pastries that can compete with those of a real French boulangerie. This was also demonstrated by the long queue of people all lining up for their Sunday breakfast here. A visit there is therefore a must for anyone visiting Kiel. We were particularly impressed by the chocolate and ham and cheese croissants.

Bakeliet Kaffee is a small coffee roastery on Möllingstraße. In addition to coffee specialties, it offers really good bread and pastries! The café has a special charm. You can sit there and enjoy a delicious cake or a good salad.

Of course, you can also eat good fish so close to the sea. We went to the mobile fish smokehouse in Laboe. But the fish kitchen in Laboe is also highly recommended!

I have put together a list of all the places on Google Maps.

You can find the list here.

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