Lago di Sorapis (Lake Sorapis)

Are you an early riser? No? I can understand that! But I assure you, getting up early can be worth it! So we set off on our hike to Lake Sorapis at half past four. Yes, I know, that's extremely early. But it was worth it!

Because we wanted to experience a beautiful sunrise at Lake Sorapis and we weren't disappointed! We arrived at the lake right on time at six o'clock after an hour and a half hike. We shouldn't have been there much later, as the perfect red-orange morning light only shines on the mountain for a few minutes before turning yellow. We enjoyed these few minutes together with three other Germans who were able to drag themselves out of bed so early. It was the perfect morning!

But the way there was already a spectacular sight! From the hiking trail, we looked down into a valley covered by a sea of clouds. This sea of clouds glistened in the rising sun. The view was magnificent, we have rarely seen anything like it.

Incidentally, when we started our way back at around 7 a.m., we were met by countless hikers. So escaping the crowds is yet another reason to set off early. In the end, the saying is true: the early bird catches the worm!


Lake Sorapis can only be reached by hikers. There is neither a road nor a lift to take you to the lake. The starting point of the hike is the parking lot at Passo Tre Croci. In total (there and back) it took us 3 hours of pure hiking time for 10.4 km and 380 meters in altitude.

The hike starts off very easy and only becomes strenuous towards the end. That was great, because when we arrived at the strenuous part, we could already see everything thanks to the rising sun, so we no longer had to rely on our headlamps. It also allowed us to wake up at the beginning.