As I couldn't really decide which hotel to book, we had two hotels on Milos:

01 Lagada Beach Hotel

We spent the first three nights at the Lagada Beach Hotel and liked it so much that I was a little sad that we had booked two hotels. Because the Lagada Beach Hotel has the perfect location, a great pool, beautiful rooms, nice staff and a delicious breakfast. In other words, everything that makes a good hotel. We enjoyed every single minute in the hotel. We loved the fact that it only took us 1 minute longer to get to the beach than to the pool, as the beach was right in front of the hotel. The hotel is also centrally located, so you can explore Adamantas completely on foot. Nevertheless, it is very quiet because it is a little off the beaten track. The Lagada Beach Hotel was also the cheaper hotel. So if you are looking for a hotel with a good price-performance ratio, then I can highly recommend the Lagada Beach Hotel.

02 Santa Maria Village

Before we arrived at Santa Maria Village, I was briefly sad that we had to leave the Lagada Beach Hotel. But that quickly changed when we arrived at Santa Maria Village. I have rarely slept in such a beautiful hotel. The rooms were large, the pool (especially the view from the pool) was outstanding, the breakfast was even better and the service was simply perfect. For example, we were always served water in an ice bucket on our sun lounger at lunchtime. Santa Maria Village was simply the perfect place for us to really switch off. There is also a sauna and spa area for this purpose. We really enjoyed our time there. Therefore, in a direct comparison, the Santa Maria Village was the winner for me overall, although the Lagada Beach Hotel has the better location and the cheaper price (and is completely sufficient).

I have put together a list of all the places on Google Maps.

You can find the list here.