Things to know

The story of Tuffi

Probably every little child in Wuppertal knows the story of Tuffi, the 4-year-old elephant cow who jumped out of the suspension railroad. Contrary to many other children's stories, the story of Tuffi is true. In 1950, a circus made a guest appearance in Wuppertal. To promote it, Tuffi was asked to take a ride on the suspension railroad. Tuffi had already traveled on streetcars many times before and was used to crowds and cities. But when she was put into an overcrowded suspension railroad in July 1950, Tuffi panicked, broke through the side wall of the carriage and fell into the Wupper. Sounds like a terrible story? Fortunately not, because Tuffi survived the whole thing and only got away with a few minor scratches. Today, there is a painted elephant on the wall of a house at the site of the incident between the Alter Markt and Adlerbrücke stations, as well as a Tuffi stumbling block in the Wupper. Incidentally, you can also read the story of Tuffi in many children's books.

Wuppertal's Originals

Wondering what the statues of people all over the city are all about? These are the Wuppertal originals. Originals? Yes exactly, originals! These are people from the history of a city who have achieved a high degree of recognition among the local population due to their unmistakable appearance or characteristics and who still have them after their death. In Wuppertal, these originals were honored with statues scattered throughout the city. You can find a list of the originals and their stories here.

Wuppertal's stairs

Wuppertal is the city with the most stairs in Germany and is therefore often referred to as the “San Francisco of Germany”. This is because a total of 517 public staircases were built for the residential areas in the 19th century to make walking easier in the mountainous Wuppertal. The longest of these is the Vogelsauer Treppe with 241 steps. The most famous staircase, on the other hand, is the Tippen-Tappen-Tönchen. And probably the most colorful staircase (and therefore a popular photo motif) is the Holsteiner Treppe. You can find a list of all Wuppertal staircases here.

What makes Wuppertal so livable

I keep hearing from people who have moved to Wuppertal: “I didn't really want to come to Wuppertal, but now I'm glad to be here.” Because once you have experienced the charm of the city, you fall in love with beautiful Wuppertal.

But what makes it so charming? First of all, Wuppertal is a big city where you don't have a big city feeling. While Wuppertal is urban in the inner city districts, the outlying districts are much quieter, sometimes even rural. Each district has its own town center where you can find the most important things (supermarket, drugstore, bakery, hairdresser, etc.). These town centers often give you the feeling of being in a small town. This means you can always decide whether you prefer city life or peace and quiet in Wuppertal. This structure of the city also accounts for the diversity of the different districts. Because no two districts are the same. This makes every place special.

In addition, Wuppertal has changed so much as a result of the urban development mentioned above that the city has become very innovative. Wuppertal is therefore a city with prospects, a city of the future. It is not without reason that Wuppertal is often referred to as “Little Berlin”. Much will continue to develop here in the coming years, making the city ever more liveable. After all, this is the goal of the city's persistent urban development.

Another reason why Wuppertal is great is the people. While our neighbors in Düsseldorf are known for their cold nature, Wuppertal is usually open and blunt. So you will be welcomed here with open arms. This makes it much easier for newcomers to make new contacts and friends.

Now it's up to you to find out whether Wuppertal is worth living in. But trust me: once you're here, you won't want to leave!


I've put together a list of all the places, restaurants, cafés etc. on Google Maps. You can find the list here.

You can also write to me at any time if you have any questions. I'm happy to help! And who knows, I might even have time to give you a private tour of the city...


Of course I can't tell you everything about Wuppertal here. But that's not a bad thing at all. Because there is the Bliggit app in Wuppertal. There you can find information about sights, events, restaurants and much more in your area, as well as Wuppertal news, important information and much more...

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