Saxon Switzerland

9 Things to Do


Discover the Bastei bridge

& Neurathen rock castle

The Bastei Bridge is the landmark of Saxon Switzerland. Cross the imposing bridge to reach the famous Bastei viewpoint. From here, you have a fabulous view over the Elbe and the Lilienstein.

We walked up to the Bastei bridge several times. Our accommodation was only a 20-minute walk from the famous bridge and its rock castle Neurathen. We liked it best at sunrise. That's when the bridge is bathed in the most beautiful light!

We also explored the area around the Bastei Bridge. We walked up the steps to the Schwedenlöchern and to the Amselsee lake. We also discovered the Small Bastion. We were surrounded by beautiful nature everywhere.


Hike to the Schrammsteine

(for sunset)

The Schrammsteine are probably the most spectacular rock formation in Saxon Switzerland. They are characterized by a long, jagged and unspoilt structure. To see them in their entirety, you should hike to the Schrammstein viewpoint. The hike starts at the Schrammsteinbaude restaurant in Ostrau near Bad Schandau.

We started our hike in the afternoon to experience the sunset over the Schrammsteine. In contrast to the walk at the Bastei Bridge, we really hiked here and had to climb up some steep steps. The way up was very exciting and a lot of fun. Once we reached the top, we were rewarded with a breathtaking view.


Rowing on the Amselsee in Rathen

The Amselsee is a small reservoir in Rathen. On a beautiful sunny day, you can hire a rowing boat or pedal boat from the local boat hire company and enjoy the sunshine. Believe me, it's worth it!


Climb the Lilienstein mountain

One mountain stands out very prominently in Saxon Switzerland: the Lilienstein. It is the only table mountain on the right-hand side of the Elbe. You can therefore take a look at the surrounding area from a different perspective from the Lilienstein!


Take a stroll through Pirna

Pirna is the administrative seat of the district of Saxon Switzerland. If you need a break from all the hiking, the town's enchanting old town is perfect for a stroll.


Conquer the Königsstein Fortress

Königsstein Fortress is one of the largest mountain fortresses in Europe. It is located on the Königsstein mountain of the same name, from where you can enjoy a fabulous view of Saxon Switzerland.


Cycle a stage along the Elbe cycle path

The Elbe Cycle Route stretches from the North Sea via Hamburg, Dresden and Saxon Switzerland to the Czech Republic. So grab a bike and cycle a short stage on one of the most beautiful cycle paths in Europe.


Hike along the Malerweg trail

The Malerweg is the main hiking trail in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. The circular hiking trail has a length of 112 km. You can start or end your hike along the Malerweg at any point.


View of the Barbarine from the Pfaffenstein

From the Pfaffenstein table mountain, you have a fantastic view of the Barbarine, the most famous free-standing rock in the German Elbe Sandstone Mountains. A spectacular path through a narrow crevice leads you to the view.

I have put together a list of all the places on Google Maps.

You can find the list here.