Rhine-Moselle Region

Why do we always have to travel far away? Our own country has a lot to offer! In the Rhine-Moselle region, for example, there is so much to discover! The beautiful vineyards, countless castles and varied hiking trails make for wonderful excursions!



we've been to the Rhine-Moselle region (as I call it) several times now. By that I mean the region south of Koblenz, before the Rhine and Moselle meet. After all, it's only about a 2-hour drive for us. So it's always a good idea to take short day trips to the region from time to time.

And they are always worthwhile! Because the region has so much to offer: Be it a beautiful hike, a delicious wine tasting or a visit to an impressive castle. There's always something new to discover, which is why I'm always happy to make the journey to discover a new corner of the Rhine-Moselle region!

xx Chiara


What to see & discover

  1. The highlight: Explore Eltz Castle
  2. Walk over the Geierlay suspension bridge
  3. Hike the Elfenlay dream loop
  4. Visit Cochem with its castle
  5. Take a trip to the Deutsches Eck in Koblenz
  6. Climb the Calmont via its via ferrata
  7. Look out over the Moselle loop
  8. Stroll through the Koblenz castle park
  9. Discover other castles & palaces in the region: Ehrenbreitstein Fortress, Thurant Castle, Stolzenfels Castle, Schöneck Castle, Marksburg Castle, Rheinfels Castle and Katz Castle
  10. Climb the Middle Rhine via ferrata
  11. Ride the Cochem chairlift
  12. Look out over Katz Castle from the bench corner
  13. Enjoy the view from Spitznack
  14. Go wine tasting

Good to know

HOW TO GET THERE: We have always reached the Rhine-Moselle region by car. The drive takes about 2 hours from Wuppertal. But you can also reach the region by train in around 3 hours. The only drawback is that you have to change trains several times (at least from Wuppertal). However, the individual towns are easy to reach by train!

PARKING: We were always able to park our car in one of the large parking lots in the towns we visited for a small fee. In Cochem, for example, we parked cheaply at the train station.

COSTS: As we only need to drive about 2 hours to get to the Rhine-Moselle region, we don't actually need to stay overnight there, so we can always save on costs. Essentially, we only pay fuel and parking fees for the excursions. If we visit a castle or other attraction, we also pay the entrance fee. Depending on whether we have already taken provisions with us, we only have (manageable) food costs. This means that a trip to the Rhine-Moselle region is never too expensive.

I have put together a list of all the places on Google Maps.

You can find the list here.

From the community for the community

Tips from the community

"I can recommend St. Goar and the Calmont via ferrata (Bremm)!"


"I really liked Bernkastel, the Maare in the Eifel and the Bundesbank bunker!"


"You absolutely have to go to Zell an der Mosel and drink wine from the Black Cat and eat onion tart there!"


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