Malmö - the third largest city in Sweden - has grown more and more in recent years. The industrial city is therefore very lively and diverse. Malmö is also much more culturally diverse than other Swedish cities.



Malmö was not quite what I had imagined. I had imagined it to be very idyllic, like in an Astrid Lindgren book. But Malmö is actually an industrial city! That's why sightseeing in Malmö is rather secondary. Because Malmö doesn't have much to impress.

However, Malmö is perfect for eating and café hopping! You definitely have to visit the Saluhall market hall! In the old warehouse, you can buy food from all over the world and regional products. The industrial touch creates a special atmosphere. We first treated ourselves to delicious cinnamon buns as a second breakfast and came back at lunchtime for very good (and cheap) falafel wraps. Afterwards, we bought some handmade bowls to take home.

This gave us shopping fever! We therefore continued our shopping tour in Davidshall. There are some cute boutiques and retailers there! The prices were the only thing holding me back from buying...

xx Chiara

Fun Fact

Malmö, the third largest city in Sweden, was part of Denmark when it was founded and has only belonged to Sweden since 1658.

What to do & see

in Malmö

Saluhall Markthalle

If there's one thing you have to do in Malmö, it's visit the Saluhall market hall! Because where freight trains were once loaded, you will now find the foodie paradise par excellence in listed warehouses! You can get everything here: pastries, coffee, pizza, fruit & vegetables, oils, specialty cheeses, burgers, tea and much more...

In 2014, the market hall still looked like a ruin! But after being carefully restored and renovated, it is now a gem in the heart of Malmö!

Just check the opening hours here before your visit!


The Davidshall district around Davidshallstorg is really nice! There are several boutiques, vintage stores and cafés. The houses are all very colorful and partly overgrown, giving the neighborhood a special charm. We had a great time shopping in Davidshall. But it's also worth coming here just to stroll around. The Davidhallsbron canal is also particularly popular. This is where the people of Malmö like to spend their summer evenings.

Gamla Staden with Lilla Torg

Gamla Staden is the old town of Malmö and is located in its center. In fact, the history of the district dates back to the Middle Ages! Today, you will mainly find restaurants and bars here.

The area around Lilla torg, an old market square paved with natural stone, is particularly popular for going out. Markets are still held here regularly today!

The Stortorget market square with the town hall is also worth a visit. There is also a small passage (Lejonet Passage) with cute cafés!

Malmöhus Castle

Malmöhus Castle is the oldest surviving Renaissance-style castle complex in the Nordic countries. Malmöhus is located in the center of Malmö and is now home to the art museum and the municipal museum.

Slottsparken & Kungsparken

Malmöhus Castle is surrounded by the two parks Slottsparken & Kungsparken. Both parks are beautifully laid out, so it's worth taking a stroll through them and lingering here and there. A highlight is the castle mill, an old windmill, which is located in Slottsparken.

Bucht Västra Hamnen with the Turning Torso

Västra Hamnen is a modern district in Malmö that was built on a former port and industrial site. Västra Hamnen is somewhat reminiscent of the Docklands in London. The landmark of the new district is the 190m high Turning Torso, a twisted skyscraper.

Old lighthouse

If you walk through Malmö's harbor district, you will definitely pass the old lighthouse. The lighthouse was once intended to show sailors the way. Today it is no longer in operation and can be visited.

Moderna Museet Malmö

A popular museum in Malmö is the Moderna Museet, a museum for modern and contemporary art. It was opened in 2009 and exhibits Swedish, Nordic and international art. You can find all information about the museum here.

Folkets Park

Folkets Park is very popular among Malmö residents. Because there is simply everything here! Playgrounds, restaurants, a climbing garden, a mini-golf course and much more... There are also regular open-air events in the park. You can find out about the calendar of events on the park's official website!

I have put together a list of all the places on Google Maps.

You can find the list here.


Where to sleep

We booked another Airbnb in Malmö because it was cheaper than the campsite. Accordingly, it was only something to sleep in. But that would only have been our tent and an apartment is a bit more comfortable. Otherwise we wouldn't have met our host - a very nice Swede of African descent. His family has a coffee farm in Ethiopia, which is why he - like Bene - appreciates good coffee. That's why he always made Bene a cup of coffee for breakfast in the morning.

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