The Hanseatic city of Lübeck - the city of seven towers and the gateway to the north - immediately appealed to us with its special charm. The city has a lot to offer: Be it the beautiful old town, the cute backyards, the old Hanseatic warehouse, the quiet banks of the Trave or the many cobblestone streets. Walking through the city, I sometimes felt like I had been transported back in time! But experience it for yourself...



before we set off on our Norway road trip, we made a short stopover in Lübeck. The city is not far from the ferry port of Puttgarden, from where we wanted to take the ferry to Denmark.

So we took a little stroll through the “city of seven towers”. First we headed for Lübeck's old town. We passed the Buddenbrooks House. This was particularly interesting for me, as I read the book “The Buddenbrooks” at school. We then continued past St. Mary's Church to the River Trave, along the banks of which we walked to the Holsten Gate.

After we had finished the first part of our little sightseeing tour, we were keen to discover the hidden little backyards of Lübeck. We were just looking for them when we looked at the clock... Shit! We sped from Lübeck towards Puttgarden, from where we had to catch our ferry to Rødby... uuuuand precision landing! We arrived at the ferry port right on time! A little adventure - but we will probably never forget it...

xx Chiara

I have put together a list of all the places on Google Maps. You can find the list here.

3 Things,

that you should definitely do in Lübeck!


Discover the backyards of Lübeck

Lübeck is known for its many small (inhabited) courtyards! These date back to the Middle Ages. At that time, small houses were built in the backyards of larger houses to save space. They were primarily intended for workers and servants. Today, students, small families and pensioners live in the houses - people of all kinds! They look after the cute backyards and give them a special charm. Really worth seeing!

Please note: As people live here, you should respect their privacy when you visit Lübeck's backyards!


Stroll across the Obertrave Bridge

In my opinion, the best view of Lübeck's old town is from the Obertrave Bridge! So make sure you take a short walk along the Trave in Lübeck with a stopover on the bridge. It's well worth it!


Visit the city's landmark

If Lübeck is known for one thing, then it is the Holsten Gate - the entrance gate to Lübeck's old town! The city gate was once part of Lübeck's city fortifications. Alongside the castle gate, it is the only remaining city gate in the Hanseatic city! If you want to find out more about the history of the Holsten Gate and the city of Lübeck, you can visit the museum in the Holsten Gate! It is certainly exciting to discover Lübeck's landmark not only from the outside, but also from the inside!

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Tips from the community

"I was there for a day in the summer. We went to a coffee house, a super cute café (probably not an insider tip, but it's worth it) and discovered some really pretty streets in the south-eastern part of the city center (near the cathedral). You could also walk along the water in a park there."


As we didn't have much time in Lübeck, we were only able to explore a little of the city! So you are in demand! Send me your Lübeck tips and I will present them here! I look forward to your message!