The region in the south of Portugal has become the trendy travel destination in recent years! But it's a well-known fact that the best places are where everyone goes. The Algarve is no exception. The coast is particularly famous for its striking orange cliffs and the beautiful beaches and bays where you can relax. Or you can do as the surfers do and enjoy the waves of the Atlantic. Once you've soaked up enough sun, you can stroll through the cute little towns.



on our road trip through Spain and Portugal, the Algarve was definitely my favorite destination so far! On the one hand, I fell in love with the region and its beautiful landscapes! The Algarve really is as beautiful as in the pictures, if not more so. On the other hand, we were finally able to really relax in the Algarve.

Admittedly, our road trip route through Spain and Portugal was already pretty ambitious (you can find the route here) and a bit city-heavy, which is why we weren't able to relax well on the previous stages. We were also stressed by the van break-in in Barcelona (read the story here) and haven't been able to digest the event very well so far. We no longer felt so safe in Spain. Especially when we were wild camping, we were constantly afraid that something would happen. As a result, I slept so badly that we could only spend the night at campsites. It was clear to me: I just wanted to go to Portugal. At that moment, I simply associated the country with more safety.

When we arrived in Portugal, I automatically felt relaxed. Our pitch at the Oasis surf camp was also so good that we were finally able to relax. The beautiful beaches of the Algarve then provided that extra point of relaxation. The Algarve will therefore always remain a positive memory for me...

xx Chiara


What to see & discover

  1. My personal favorite: Praia dos Tres Irmaos
  2. Probably the most famous cave in the Algarve: Algar de Benagil
  3. One of the most beautiful beaches: Praia da Marinha
  4. Something to marvel at: Ponta da Piedade
  5. Go on a short hike: Algar Seco
  6. The most south-westerly point of the European mainland: Cabo de São Vicente
  7. A little childhood memory: Ponte da Quinta do Lago
  8. Stroll through one of the cute towns: Faro, Albufeira and Lagos
  9. Buy typical, beautiful ceramics: Ceramica Paraiso
  10. Other beautiful beaches: Praia de São Rafael, Praia Nova, Praia de Albandeira, Praia do Camilo and Praia de Vale Figueira

Where to eat

To be honest, I can't really tell you. Because we were traveling by van, we mostly prepared our own food.

We once ate at Well Vale do lobo at Quinta do Lago. The region there is known for its expensive resorts and golf clubs, which is also reflected in the food prices. Lunch was a little more expensive. Because you pay for the ambience here. The Well is also a relaxed beach club with a pool and live music. But the food was delicious.

One spot you should head for is the food truck “The last bratwurst before America”. At Cabo de São Vicente, the most south-westerly point of the European mainland, Germans have set up a stall selling original German bratwurst. If you order one of their sausages, you will even receive a certificate stating that and when you ate the last bratwurst before America.

Where to sleep

We were in the Algarve by van and therefore didn't stay in a hotel or apartment. But perhaps you would also like to travel to Portugal by van or hire one locally, which is why I am presenting our pitches here:

We spent the first night at Faro Campervan Park. The site is a large parking lot for motorhomes and vans and is therefore intended more for people passing through. I wouldn't recommend it for a longer stay, but it was perfectly adequate for one night. Above all, it was very clean!

We spent the remaining nights at the Oasis surf camp. We found it because my brother, his girlfriend and her brother were taking a surf course there at the same time. They told us that we could book a pitch at Oasis even without a surf course. So we headed for the camp so that we could spend some time with the three of them. On arrival, we were thrilled with the pitch! The Oasis has beautiful grounds with a natural pool, a well-equipped gym and a bar with a pool table and more. You can also book meals as an option. We were also able to do our laundry very easily at the camp.


Because we cooked for ourselves, our costs in the Algarve were kept within limits. The pitches were also quite cheap, even though we really had everything we could wish for at the Oasis surf camp!

  • Faro Campervan Park 1 night with showers: 12€
  • Oasis Surfcamp 2 nights: 64€
  • Kayak tour Benagil Cave: 30€/ 15€ p.p.
  • Lunch Well Vale do lobo for 2 people: 56€
  • Last sausage before America: 4€ p.p.
  • Shopping Aldi: 17€
  • Toll: approx. 20€
  • Refueling: 65€

I have put together a list of all the places on Google Maps.

You can find the list here.

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